Category: WIP Update

Feb 21 2018

WIP Update – 21 Feb 18

More progress on Chapter 17 of CeleKing3. More to come. Stay tuned.

Feb 20 2018

WIP Update – 20 Feb 18

I made more progress on Chapter 17 of CeleKing3 and in the process I’ve created a character I rather enjoy. I don’t think he has any presence outside of this chapter, but I may have to find an excuse to give him more screentime. Still looking to fill in the gaps in the narrative, but that may be a task for the weekend. Stay tuned.

Feb 19 2018

WIP Update – 19 Feb 18

I finished Chapters 13 and 16 of CeleKing3 and made some progress on Chapters 15 and 17. Yes, I need to go back and finish the first act of the story and I’ll be getting to that eventually. Still, this was some good progress and if I can do more of the same, I’ll be done with this one before I know it. Stay tuned.

Feb 18 2018

WIP Update – 17 Feb 18

I mostly spent my available time writing reviews, but I also put the finishing touches on the epilogue of TBP. (I also seem to have gotten distracted enough yesterday that I didn’t get around to writing this entry then.) I guess it’s time to switch over to CeleKing3, but I may still do some Tellus-related stuff as well. Stay tuned.

Feb 17 2018

WIP Update – 16 Feb 18

I made more progress on Chapter 2 of Tellus and the epilogue of TBP. Really need to get the latter done. Stay tuned.

Feb 15 2018

WIP Update – 15 Feb 18

I made some progress on Chapter 2 of Tellus. More to come. Stay tuned.

Feb 15 2018

WIP Update – 14 Feb 18

I managed to wrap the prologue of Tellus, which moves things along. We’ll see how far I can get this week. Stay tuned.

Feb 13 2018

WIP Update – 13 Feb 18

I made a little (and I mean little) progress on the prologue of Tellus and the epilogue of TBP. We should be seeing an end to these days of minimal progress, though, at least in the short term as I’ll be under restriction from my usual distractions for a while. Stay tuned.

Feb 12 2018

WIP Update – 11 Feb 18

It barely deserves mentioning as I only managed a couple sentences on Chapter 13 of TG, well short of finishing the chapter as planned (or even meeting the weekly quota). I did spend a good chunk of my available time writing reviews from my backlog and I will admit to getting off track while doing some research for the chapter. Anyway, I guess it’s on to Tellus, but first I need to finish the epilogue for TBP before it launches next week.

As a side note, I should be a little more focused on my writing in the near future, so that should have some positive results. Stay tuned.

Feb 11 2018

WIP Update – 10 Feb 18

Although I mostly just did transcription, I did make a little progress on Chapter 13 of TG until I let myself get distracted by research and then by gaming. So it goes. I’d like to at least finish the chapter before switching back to Tellus. We’ll see if I make it or not. Stay tuned.