Feb 21 2018

WIP Update – 21 Feb 18

More progress on Chapter 17 of CeleKing3. More to come. Stay tuned.

Feb 20 2018

WIP Update – 20 Feb 18

I made more progress on Chapter 17 of CeleKing3 and in the process I’ve created a character I rather enjoy. I don’t think he has any presence outside of this chapter, but I may have to find an excuse to give him more screentime. Still looking to fill in the gaps in the narrative, but that may be a task for the weekend. Stay tuned.

Feb 19 2018

WIP Update – 19 Feb 18

I finished Chapters 13 and 16 of CeleKing3 and made some progress on Chapters 15 and 17. Yes, I need to go back and finish the first act of the story and I’ll be getting to that eventually. Still, this was some good progress and if I can do more of the same, I’ll be done with this one before I know it. Stay tuned.

Feb 07 2018

WIP Update – 07 Feb 18

I made a little more progress on Chapter 13 of TG. I forgot to bring my notepad to work Tuesday, so that’s why I didn’t make any progress then. (Yes, I could’ve done some writing after work, but you know how it goes.) With me considering rolling this story out into serialization, I may need to pick up the pace a bit. I have more than sufficient lead time for a biweekly series, but it can always get away from me. Stay tuned.

Feb 03 2018

WIP Update – 02 Feb 18

More progress on Chapter 13 of CeleKing3. You might be wondering why I jumped so far ahead. Well, as usual, I have bits and pieces of the story scattered about and it’s been so long since I worked on it that I couldn’t really remember my place, so I jumped forward to a safe spot where I wouldn’t be interfering with anything else I’d written. Now I’d like to go back and start filling in some gaps, finish Chapter 9 and move forward from there. Stay tuned.

Feb 01 2018

WIP Update – 25 Jan – 01 Feb 18

Well, I won’t claim to have made amazing progress while the site was down, but I have continued forward. After writing more on Chapter 1 of Tellus and pretty well finishing it, I switched over to CeleKing3, finishing Chapters 5 and 6 and because I didn’t know exactly where I was story-wise, I ended up jumping all the way to Chapter 13. (I’ll be working on closing that gap in the coming days.) Stay tuned.

Dec 20 2017

WIP Update – 20 Dec 17

I made some progress on Chapter 9 of CeleKing3. Will I use my upcoming transpacific voyage to get some extra writing done? Probably not, but you never know. Stay tuned.

Dec 19 2017

WIP Update – 19 Dec 17

I pretty much finished Chapter 8 of CeleKing3. I still have gaps to fill in and transcriptions to catch up on, but I guess I can get that taken care of during my all-nighter Thursday. Stay tuned.

Dec 18 2017

WIP Update – 18 Dec 17

I made a little progress in Chapter 8 of CeleKing3. I’ll have to do more if I want to meet quota, but the week is young yet. Stay tuned.

Dec 17 2017

WIP Update – 17 Dec 17

What with all the Star Wars madness going on, I haven’t done much story work, but I did spend some time on Chapter 5 of CeleKing3 trying to get it a little closer to being finished. I’m not too far off now. As you can see, I’ve already transitioned into CeleKing3 and the goal is to fill in the gaps and hopefully move forward some more. Stay tuned.