Jan 29 2016

WIP Update – 28 Jan 16

More progress on Chapter 18 of EM. More to go. Stay tuned.

Jan 28 2016

WIP Update – 27 Jan 16

I made more progress on Chapter 18 of EM. I think I’ve got a handle on the setup that I’d been hung up on. Should have it done before the weekend’s out. Stay tuned.

Jan 27 2016

WIP Update – 26 Jan 16

I managed to make up for missing a day by writing a little on Chapter 18 of EM, going ahead and finishing Chapter 19 and making some tweaks to the already finished Chapter 20. I decided to jump ahead because I’m having a little difficulty with the setup for Chapter 18. Even the progress I made bypasses the part that has me stuck. I’ll figure it out, though.

Given that today is the site’s anniversary, I thought I’d take a moment to look back at what all happened in the past year. I finished TTWC1 and Tico4, started up TTWC2 with the inauguration of Tellus Tuesday (close to a concept I’d wanted to institute since the site’s inception) and also resumed EM and started JJ. I debuted the reviews section (which now has over 200 reviews in the movie section alone), added teasers for three stories in the Cross Arc, and launched the Else Arc. All told, that’s not a bad bit of work.

I’ve already got ideas for five or so stories that may be greenlit for preproduction in the the near future in addition to all the stuff I promised in the anniversary post. I’d say there’s more than enough to look forward to. Stay tuned.

Jan 25 2016

WIP Update – 24 Jan 16

I managed to get a little writing done on Garm’s Chapter 2. Under par but more than I was expecting to do. With the site’s anniversary coming up, I’ve been looking out for the plans for the year. I’ll discuss them more in the anniversary post, but I’m looking forward to it.

I’m wondering if I should also add a bit of retrospective on the past year. I know I’ve made a lot of predictions in the past that haven’t come to pass. It might be interesting to look at what went through and what wound up fizzling. Perhaps I’ll save the retrospective for here. Stay tuned.

Jan 24 2016

WIP Update – 22 Jan 16

I managed to wrap up Garm’s Chapter 1 and start in on his Chapter 2, but that’s probably as far as I’m going to get this weekend as I already have a fair bit of schoolwork to take care of. While it’s possible I might get some writing in, don’t count on it. Monday I’ll switch over to JJ. Stay tuned.

Jan 22 2016

WIP Update – 21 Jan 16

Yesterday had some unexpected developments, so I didn’t get as much writing done as I was expecting. Made a little progress on Garm’s Chapter 1 but well under par. I’ll try to get it done so I can at least make headway into Chapter 2 before it’s time to switch over. Stay tuned.

Jan 21 2016

WIP Update – 20 Jan 16

Another day and more progress on Garm’s Chapter 1 of TTWC3. I should be able to finish the chapter after one more round. Stay tuned.

Jan 20 2016

WIP Update – 19 Jan 16

I made some progress on Garm’s Chapter 1 of TTWC3. More to come, I’m sure. Stay tuned.

Jan 18 2016

WIP Update – 17 Jan 16

After two days with no appreciable progress, I managed to pretty well wrap up Chapter 17 of EM and do a little writing on Chapters 18 and 19. It helped put into focus the fact that I may well be done within the next three or four cycles. That’s certainly something to look forward to. I suppose I’ll be switching over to TTWC3 for time being. Hopefully I can get farther than I did last month when I fell off the wagon. Stay tuned.

Jan 15 2016

WIP Update – 14 Jan 16

I did a little better this time around with my progress on Chapter 17 of EM. If it didn’t meet par, it came close enough to it. It shouldn’t be too hard to wrap the chapter up with another day’s work. Stay tuned.