Nov 30 2015

WIP Update – 29 Nov 15

Well, I managed to pull it off. I wrapped up Carpos’ Chapter 5 and thereby completed his section of TTWC3. I’ll be moving on to Garm’s section the next time TTWC3’s turn comes up, but now it’s time to switch gears back to JJ. Stay tuned.

Nov 30 2015

WIP Update – 28 Nov 15

I managed to make up for two days of negligible progress by wrapping up Carpos Chapter 4 and getting through most of Chapter 5 as well. Just a little bit more and I’ll meet my stated goal of finishing Carpos’ section before I switch over to EM. Stay tuned.

Nov 27 2015

WIP Update – 25 Nov 15

I made some more progress on Carpos’ Chapter 4 of TTWC3. More to come. Stay tuned.

Nov 25 2015

WIP Update – 24 Nov 15

I managed to finish up Carpos’ Chapter 3 of TTWC3 at long last and made some headway into his Chapter 4 as well. Finishing up his section this week is an entirely feasible goal.  Let’s make it happen. Stay tuned.

Nov 24 2015

WIP Update – 23 Nov 15

I made some respectable progress on Carpos’ Chapter 3 of TTWC3. Another solid push and I should be able to wrap up the chapter. We’ll see if I can pull it off. Stay tuned.

Nov 23 2015

WIP Update – 22 Nov 15

While not quite finishing Chapter 14 of EM, I did at least manage to make quota. Now it’s time to switch over to TTWC3. Perhaps this will be the time for me to do more than just inch along with the story. Stay tuned.

Nov 23 2015

WIP Update – 21 Nov 15

Another day of minor progress on Chapter 14 of EM. That goal of getting through Chapter 15 before the weekend’s out seems rather remote, but I managed to get all my homework knocked out, so that means there’s more time to focus on writing. We’ll see what I can get accomplished. Stay tuned.

Nov 21 2015

WIP Update – 20 Nov 15

After so many days of brisk progress, it’s a little disappointing to report that I only managed a couple sentences of Chapter 14 of EM because I didn’t get to writing until I was starting to conk out.

Earlier in the day I did some work to detail an idea that may or may not ever see the light of day. Basically, I took elements of Jurassic World and adapted them to a Fifth Empire story about combat robots. You see, I really love the dynamics of the raptor pack in JW and I started thinking about an analog that would allow for human communication while still being removed from humanity, which led me to a dangerous combat AI rather unscrupulously developed and narrowly contained. Instead of a theme park gone awry, we have a military R&D program that goes out of control when the boundaries are pushed too far. Should the idea get further development, it’ll only retain a superficial relation to its inspiration, but I thought I’d bring it up since I didn’t have much other progress to report.

In other news, I may use the coming Thanksgiving break to launch the Else Arc I’ve mentioned in the past. I’ll still retain the “Five Arcs” label so I don’t wreck any links or search engine results, though. The Else Arc with be something of an unofficial Arc. However, as I allow myself total creative freedom with it, there’s some great potential. Stay tuned.

Nov 20 2015

WIP Update – 19 Nov 15

I pretty well wrapped up both Chapters 12 and 13 of EM and started in on Chapter 14 as well. This has been a rather productive week thus far. At this rate, the prospect of finishing a novel a year or even two novels a year doesn’t seem that unrealistic. I’ve got a fair bit of homework to do, so progress might slack off a bit over the weekend, but we’ll see how much more I can get done. We’ll set Chapter 15 as our goal before it’s time to switch over. Stay tuned.

Nov 19 2015

WIP Update – 18 Nov 15

I pretty well wrapped up Chapter 12 of EM and did some work on Chapter 13 as well. I’m toying with the idea of a sequel, but there are no serious plans as of yet. I’m not the sort of person to build up a world for only one outing, after all. Anyway, more to come. Stay tuned.