Sep 18 2017

WIP Update – 18 Sep 17

I made some progress on Chapter 29 of TBP. The minimum goal for the week is to get through Chapter 30, but if I can get and farther than that, it would be outstanding. I’m closing my lead and need to stay ahead or else there will be delays in serialization, to say nothing of preparing for whatever is going to follow TBP. Well, things to do. Stay tuned.

Sep 18 2017

WIP Update – 16-17 Sep 17

I made more progress on Chapter 9 of TG. I’ve still got a ways to go before it’ll be finished, but overall I did well above quota for the week, so that’s always encouraging. Now it’s time to move on to TBP. I only have three days of work this week, but the time off may well mean I get less writing done instead of more. We’ll see. Stay tuned.

Sep 16 2017

WIP Update – 15 Sep 17

I made some more progress on Chapter 9 of TG. Some new ideas have presented themselves as I’ve been working on it, but I’m also having to think a little more on how things play out from here. I don’t want the party to get too large and unwieldy. Usually 5-6 is the classic stable number if you want to give fairly even characterization, but if you don’t mind a few members fading into the background, a bigger party allows for more variety. There are times when I think I let the party get too big in KoG3 and even back when the party was half that size in KoG1, Jill had almost no characterization. Things to consider… Anyway, getting through Chapter 9 is a nice goal to set for the weekend. Let’s see if I can make it happen. Stay tuned.

Sep 15 2017

WIP Update – 14 Sep 17

I finished Chapter 8 of TG and started in on Chapter 9. Don’t know if I can finish the latter by the end of the weekend, but we’ll see what I can do. Stay tuned.

Sep 13 2017

WIP Update – 13 Sep 17

More progress on Chapter 8 of TG. I should only have a little bit further to go. I want to get into Chapter 9 before the weekend’s out. Stay tuned.

Sep 12 2017

WIP Update – 12 Sep 17

I made more progress on Chapter 8 of TG. I think it’ll only take one more day to finish it. Does the scenario still strain credulity a bit? Yeah, it does, but in a scenario where we have Dragons and such, a little implausibility is par for the course. More to come. Stay tuned.

Sep 11 2017

WIP Update – 11 Sep 17

I made some progress on Chapter 8 of TG. I’ve got to do some more tweaking to the scenario to make it remotely plausible. I think I’ve got it under control, though. Stay tuned.

Sep 10 2017

WIP Update – 10 Sep 17

I managed to at least finish Chapter 15 of CeleKing2 and also played around a bit in the prologue of Mr. Starbrite. Now it’s time to switch over to TG. More fun to come. Stay tuned.

Sep 10 2017

WIP Update – 09 Sep 17

I wrote a little more on Chapter 18 of CeleKing2, but most of my writing time was devoted to what’s probably going to be Chapter 1 of that Else Arc story I’ve been talking about lately, which I’m going to tentatively call Mr. Starbrite. Yeah, the ideas have burrowed too deeply into my head and I’ve already done enough preparatory work that I might as well say it’s in preproduction. A teaser will probably be showing up on the site in the near future. I’d like to round out Chapters 15 and 18 of CeleKing2 before the handover, but we’ll see if it happens. Stay tuned.

Sep 09 2017

WIP Update – 08 Sep 17

I made more progress on Chapter 18 of CeleKing2. I usually have to spend more time choreographing fight scenes, but we’ll see how far I get over the next couple days. Stay tuned.