Red vs. Blue (2017)

Season 15

Red vs. Blue - Season 15 (2017)

Director: Joe Nicolosi
Studio: Rooster Teeth
Starring: Anna Margaret Hollyman, Joe Nicolosi, Jason Saldaña
Episodes: 21

An investigative journalist pursues the story of the Reds and the Blues, who are now wanted as terrorists.

With the end of each arc, I think it's a good place to end the story, but then the next one shows me there's still life in the series. However, this is a somewhat underwhelming followup to the Chorus Trilogy. There's some good stuff here, yes, but the Blue and Reds as the prototypes for our Reds and Blues is a fairly weak setup. I like the outsider angle with the reporter, but overall it feels like we're running out of steam. If you're a longtime viewer, you'll probably want to check it out. It's not without its merits, but it definitely feels like a step down, which is exactly the kind of thing I feared would happen to the series. If there's a Season 16 in the offing, I'll approach it with some skepticism, but we've had a pretty good run up to now, so that's definitely something.

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