Red vs. Blue (2016)

Season 14

Red vs. Blue - Season 14 (2016)

Director: Burnie Burns, Miles Luna, Kyle Taylor, Joe Nicolosi, Joshua Ornelas, Freddie Wong, Ben Singer, Allison Baker, Nico Audy-Rowland, Jeremy Dooley, Daniel Fabelo, Matt Hullum
Studio: Rooster Teeth
Starring: Jen Brown, Burnie Burns, Sean Duggan
Episodes: 24

A look at various side stories and what if scenarios in the greater Red vs. Blue mythos.

With the finale of Season 13, it seemed very difficult to follow up on it, so we get a very different approach this time around, an anthology of various shorts, most of them one-shots. Some of them give us additional insight into the main story and others are just simple entertainment. We get a variety of animation styles, to include live action sequences, and a range of RT staffers get to try their hand writing and directing, which add to the experimental feel of the season. The so-called Mercenary Trilogy, a three-part side story featuring Felix and Locus is my personal favorite and it alone is arguably enough to warrant a purchase in my book, but going hand in hand with the variety is an overall unevenness and lack of consistency that leaves this somewhat weaker overall as a viewing experience. It's still worth seeing and completionists are bound to get it anyway, but I can't endorse it as strongly as I have other seasons. Particularly coming off the surprisingly strong Chorus Trilogy, this is a touch disappointing.

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