Red vs. Blue (2015)

Season 13

Red vs. Blue - Season 13 (2015)

Director: Miles Luna
Studio: Rooster Teeth
Starring: Jason Saldaña, Gustavo Sorola, Geoff Ramsey
Episodes: 20

Felix and Locus hijack a prison ship to replenish the Space Pirates' ranks for a new push to bring down the colonists of Chorus, where the Federal troops and former rebels struggle to maintain their truce.

The season starts off with a bang and the hits keep on coming. For spoiler reasons, I didn't talk about Felix's villainous reveal in the previous season, but he really is a glorious psychopath and the tense relationship with Locus is strong material. We also get to see a couple familiar faces from the Project Freelancer Saga in the form of the Counselor and the Insurrectionist Sharkface. Yes, putting Felix, Locus and Sharkface in a room together is almost too much evil and crazy for the screen to handle. We continue to develop Tucker's connection to the alien prophecy, to include the addition of Santa to the roster (you'll find out what I mean). The animated sequences are improved significantly and though the style is different from Monty Oum's work, it's still good stuff. The tense situation among the Chorus colonists and particularly the tension between Kimball and Doyle is quite effective and adds to the sense of desperation. This season and the Chorus Trilogy as a whole duly impressed me and showed that I shouldn't have waited five years to pick the series back up again (though at least this way I was able to marathon all the way through). This one belongs in the collection.

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