Red vs. Blue (2014)

Season 12

Red vs. Blue - Season 12 (2014)

Director: Miles Luna
Studio: Rooster Teeth
Starring: Jason Saldaña, Gustavo Sorola, Geoff Ramsey
Episodes: 19

Tucker and the gang find themselves celebrated as heroes and thrust into the role of leaders of the rebellion against the Federal Army on Chorus.

The idea of the Reds and Blues being seen as legendary heroes is funny enough, but making the junior members of the team leaders of the rebel forces is gold. The average rebel is even more hopeless than they are and the dynamics of their teams is pretty good. Playing off them is rebel leader Kimball as the straight man (or woman in this case) and Felix as the only really competent professional in the bunch. Carolina and Epsilon get back into the game and Locus gets more development and establishes himself as a genuinely menacing villain. We also get Dr. Grey, probably one of the best additions to the series in a long time. There's a couple good twists along the way, too. We get a little animation mixed in this time, but it was put together on a tight schedule and it wasn't headed by Monty Oum, so the choreography looks rather stiff and rough compared to the Project Freelancer Saga. All told, this breaks the curse of most bridge seasons in the series by standing rather strong in its own right. Definitely give it a watch. Fans will want it in their collection.

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