Red vs. Blue (2013)

Season 11

Red vs. Blue - Season 11 (2013)

Director: Miles Luna
Studio: Rooster Teeth
Starring: Gustavo Sorola, Matt Hullum, Geoff Ramsey
Episodes: 19

The Reds and Blues are shipwrecked on a seemingly deserted planet and revert to their old ways, but they may not be alone after all.

Though I'm quite a fan of RvB, I actually left the series after Season 10. I was content to let the gang ride off into the sunset. It wasn't until recently that I decided to see what I'd been missing over the years. I'm glad I picked it back up because this new story arc, the Chorus Trilogy, is quite good. Unlike the previous two seasons, the series goes back to pure machinima, so if you're looking for Monty Oum fight scenes, you need to turn your attention to RWBY. While the dynamic with Caboose and Freckles is entertaining, what really interested me was the character arc being built up for Tucker. He's not the one I would've figured to be positioned for center stage, but it's pretty cool all the same. I was worried things might start to fall apart after the Project Freelancer Saga, but I'm glad to have been proven wrong. Worth seeing, worth getting.

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