Red vs. Blue (2012)

Season 10

Red vs. Blue - Season 10 (2012)

Director: Burnie Burns, Miles Luna, Matt Hullum, Monty Oum
Studio: Rooster Teeth
Starring: Gustavo Sorola, Matt Hullum, Geoff Ramsey
Episodes: 22

Agent Carolina and the Epsilon AI team up to hunt down the Director while flashbacks detail the downfall of Project Freelancer.

The Project Freelancer Saga is brought to a close with this highly charged thrill ride. We delve deeper into the characters of the Freelancers. It's absolutely fascinating to see Wash as the unit's goofball back in the day. Rather impressively, RT managed to get Elijah Wood to voice the Sigma AI. He only has a few scenes but really owns it while he's onscreen. It's interesting watching all the weaknesses in the team create fracture lines that are worsened by all the intrigue going on and the juxtaposition made with the Reds and the Blues. We get some nice progression in Carolina's character arc and quite the reveal at the end that delivers a solid punch. This was certainly a rewarding viewing and I highly recommend it.

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