Red vs. Blue (2011)

Season 9

Red vs. Blue - Season 9 (2011)

Director: Burnie Burns
Studio: Rooster Teeth
Starring: Gustavo Sorola, Matt Hullum, Geoff Ramsey
Episodes: 20

While the Epsilon AI continues its search for Tex in a recreation of Blood Gulch, we get a view into the past during the heyday of Project Freelancer.

We have two separate stories here. One is Epsilon's faulty recreation of Blood Gulch, which hearkens back to the Blood Gulch Chronicles and the other is a flashback to Project Freelancer, which takes those sweet Monty Oum fight sequences from the previous season and applies them to a fully animated story. Admittedly, some of the modeling and animation (particularly when it isn't fight-oriented) is a bit rough, but this isn't Pixar we're talking about. For an independent studio, it's fairly impressive on the whole and the actual action scenes are positively stunning. I really like the Freelancer cast with its strained camaraderie. North, who was introduced post mortem in "Recovery One" is actually a really cool character and gels nicely with York. The Epsilon sequences almost seem like a distraction from the main event, but there's sufficient payoff in the end. This one is definitely worth owning unless you're just totally opposed to anything outside Blood Gulch-style antics.

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