Red vs. Blue (2004)

Season 2

Red vs. Blue - Season 2 (2004)

Director: Burnie Burns
Studio: Rooster Teeth
Starring: Geoff Ramsey, Gustavo Sorola, Burnie Burns
Episodes: 19

A medic is dispatched to Blood Gulch and Caboose begins acting strangely (stranger than usual at any rate).

This season continues the amusing banter from the first season with the addition of Doc to shake up the regular character dynamics and the rise of O'Malley as the arc villain. There's plenty of fun to be had, but from a big picture perspective, this season mostly serves to set up things to come. That doesn't make this any less enjoyable. My recommendation for the first season holds true here. It's definitely worth a watch at the very least and you wouldn't do bad adding it to your collection.

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