Red vs. Blue: Recovery One (2007)

Red vs. Blue: Recovery One (2007)

Director: Burnie Burns
Studio: Rooster Teeth
Starring: Shannon McCormick, Mark Bellman, Shana Merlin
Episodes: 4

Freelancer Agent Washington operates as a recovery unit, ensuring the equipment and AIs of Project Freelancer do not fall into the wrong hands, but as more and more agents are turning up dead, it becomes clear that someone or something is hunting them.

Set after "Out of Mind" and leading into Season 6, this mini-series represents a surprising swerve in the storytelling of RvB. There's almost no comedy to be had and though you wouldn't expect it, the drama is quite effective. Due credit goes to Shannon McCormick as Agent Washington, a hard-bitten and bitter professional working in an arena of backstabbing and intrigue. This sets the stage of The Recollection arc of the story. It's very good at what it does and I highly recommend it. Collectors will be happy to know you can get it with both the Seasons 5 and 6 DVDs.

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