The Blob (1988)

The Blob (1988)

Director: Chuck Russell
Starring: Shawnee Smith, Kevin Dillon, Donovan Leitch Jr.

An extraterrestrial protoplasm starts feeding and growing, threatening a small town.

I haven't seen the original version, but I have seen enough 50s-era schlock to have a good idea of what kind of film it was. I also know 80s-era schlock and this fits right in. With the premise it has, no one should be expecting high art from this movie. It's decent enough. Some of the gore and creature effects aren't too shabby. This is also a chance to see one of the earlier performances of Shawnee Smith if you happen to know her from Becker and/or Anger Management. You may think Matt Dillon is in this movie, but it's actually kid brother Kevin. The family resemblance is strong. If you want to see a movie about an alien blob trying to devour a town, give this own a shot. If it doesn't sound like your cup of suspiciously viscous tea, then move on elsewhere.