Spy Game (2001)

Spy Game (2001)

Director: Tony Scott
Starring: Robert Redford, Brad Pitt, Catherine McCormack

A CIA operative has been captured in China during an unauthorized operation and his former case officer works to secure his release even though the agency plans to disavow him.

Robert Redford has a knack for spy thrillers and this is a decent one, but as the main plot acts as a frame story for vignettes from the career of Brad Pitt's character, a lot of the movie is carried by the strength of these vignettes. Unfortunately, the Beirut chapter which takes up most of the second act didn't really click with me and the key relationship with Brad Pitt's character and Catherine McCormack's didn't click with me, so that left me rather disengaged with much of the story. As such, I can't be terribly enthusiastic with my recommendation. Game of the Thrones fans will probably get a kick out of the fact that Stephen Dillane (Stannis "the Mannis" Baratheon) plays the antagonistic Charles Harker. If you like this kind of story, you might enjoy it well enough, but there are better options out there.