Species III (2004)

Species III (2004)

Director: Brad Turner
Starring: Robin Dunne, Robert Knepper, Sunny Mabrey

A scientist seeks out a grad student to assist him in his secret experiments on the offspring of Eve and Patrick Ross.

For all its flaws, Species II at least felt like a natural extension of the first film. This, however, is more like an alien limb clumsily grafted onto the franchise. There's something to the idea of all Ross' offspring seeking out his and Eve's kid to find a way to stabilize their genome and some loony wanting to try to make a pure version of the alien species. However, this just isn't a good movie. It's cheap DTV rubbish and you can't forget it. Some of the tweaks to the alien design aren't too bad, but that's about all the compliment I can give. Even for fans of the series, there's not any real reason to watch it. Even if you're just here for the fanservice, you can probably find better elsewhere.

Avoid It