The Three Musketeers (1948)

The Three Musketeers (1948)

Director: George Sidney
Starring: Lana Turner, Gene Kelly, June Allyson

A young man from Gascon aspiring to become a Musketeer must defend the Queen's honor against a plot by Cardinal Richelieu.

Feel free to call me a Philistine, but for the longest time, my only exposure to The Three Musketeers was the 1993 Disney version. (I'd later see the 2001 version, but that hardly counts.) It seems that I'm constantly being taken by surprise when I find a preponderance of comedy in these old movies. Now, if you want a completely serious take on the story, the comedic elements will likely turn you off, but if you don't mind, the comedy is actually pretty good. Gene Kelly proves to be rather versatile in the role of D'Artagnan, mixing comedy and swashbuckling in good measure. I also liked Van Heflin as Athos, but Porthos and Aramis didn't stand out as much. Lana Turner is pretty good as Lady de Winter and Vincent Price is of course amazing as Cardinal Richelieu. While I hear the 1961 French version is definitive film version, this foray is entertaining and certainly worth watching.

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