Yakumo-san wa Ezuke ga Shitai (2017)


Volume 4

Yakumo-san wa Ezuke ga Shitai - Volume 4 (2017)

Author/Artist: Satomi U
Publisher: Square Enix

Yakumo-san thinks of ways to support Yamato-kun as he enters the baseball season with his goal of getting his team to the Koshien.

Yamato-kun's goal of making it to the Koshien gives him something to work for, part of developing his character. Overall, the story continues at its leisurely pace, an easy slice of life that doesn't really present any major conflicts. I keep on expecting some sort of significant step in the relationships, but the author continues to be reserved. It's a good thing, to be sure, because a relationship upgrade would have some serious consequences, so simple ship teasing with little more intense than a stray blush is fine. We get another chapter with Yakumo-san and Sakura together and I continue to like their interaction. We'll see what develops when Yamato-kun gets closer to his goal, to say nothing of what will happen if he makes it to the Koshien.

The art maintains the quality level you will have come to expect. Mostly cute with just a little fanservice.

We get a bonus chapter that amply demonstrates why Rui shouldn't be entrusted with a spare key to Yamato-kun's place.

While I'm still enjoying the story, we haven't broken much new ground here. It remains a pleasant read, but I suppose I'm just expecting something significant to happen, which may well be the wrong way to look at the series. If you've liked things so far, you should still be happy, but this volume isn't quite as much of a must-read as when the premise was fresh and new.

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