One Punch Man (2015)


Volume 10

One Punch Man - Volume 10 (2015)

Author: ONE
Artist: Yusuke Murata
Publisher: Jump Comics

Having defeated Tanktop Master, Garou seeks out other S-class heroes to hunt.

I find it amusing that while Garou is constantly seeking greater and greater challenges, he's not above wrecking jobber heroes just 'cause. In this new segment of the story, Saitama takes an interest in martial arts and decides to take Charanko's place in a martial arts tournament. Some people feel the tournament is a distraction, but it's actually a clever device to get Saitama out of the way for the assault by the Monster Association. Oh, yes, there's a Monster Association and while evil, they may actually be more ethical than the Hero Association. Seriously. We've been building up the rising threat level and this grand demonstration of the monsters' ability to coordinate makes for some interesting reading.

Another thing about this volume is that it helped change my opinion of Metal Bat. I usually don't like yanki characters, but the more screentime he gets, the more he appeals to me. His annoyance at the corrupt fatcats of the Hero Association and the fact that he called out Amai Mask on his BS in a previous volume (plus the way he adorably dotes on his sister) pretty well won me over. To say nothing of how he beasts through combat.

We get a number of good fight scenes and with the increased threat represented by the Monster Association, we get some more intimidating monster designs. The Elder Centipede is particularly good. Oh, and I should probably mention the fanservicey bonus page. ^_^

We get a whopping three bonus chapters. The first has Tatsumaki taking a day off, the second has Saitama entering a costume contest, and the third has the Fubuki Group challenge Saitama's gang while the Child Emperor develops a power level detector. Any excuse for more Fubuki is alright with me.

We've got good fights, some background on Garou and some rather good bonus chapters this volume. I'd say that's more than enough for fans to want this in their collection.

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