One Punch Man (2014)


Volume 6

One Punch Man - Volume 6 (2014)

Author: ONE
Artist: Yusuke Murata
Publisher: Jump Comics

All the S-class heroes are assembled by the Hero Association to reveal the final prophecy of the fortuneteller Shibabawa.

I'm sure fans sat up and took notice when they heard that all the S Class heroes were being assembled. While many of them are about as jokey as any of the lower level heroes, they do have the ability to back up their reputation. Depending on how you feel about Tatsumaki, you may or may not like the fact that she starts factoring more prominently into the story. With all these S Class heroes showing off, you wouldn't think I'd have time for an A Class, but Atomic Samurai's pupil Iaian puts up a good showing against the menacing Melzargard (probably one of the coolest elite mooks we've gotten) and shows a sharper intellect than most of the S Class bunch. It's also amusing how all the other heroes are working through the battle from the ground up while Saitama just bypasses the whole thing and heads straight for the boss.

The art stands up to the task of presenting a planetary invasion and rolling out all the S Class heroes to fight it. Melzargard in particular stands out as a creepy villain. Boros has a pretty cool design too. Special note goes to the insanely detailed labyrinthine interiors of Boros' mothership, the work of guest artist Kazuo Nomura.

Our side chapter has Saitama dealing with a potential jumper (and I mean the kind that jump off buildings, not the teleporters from that Hayden Christensen movie).

When tasked with one-upping the Deep Sea King fight, an alien invasion is about what it takes to get the job done. With some good action featuring the much ballyhooed S Class heroes, it's a ride you'll want to hop on. Get it.

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