One Punch Man (2013)


Volume 5

One Punch Man - Volume 5 (2013)

Author: ONE
Artist: Yusuke Murata
Publisher: Jump Comics

Puri-puri Prisoner faces off against the Deep Sea King.

While we get larger scale battles later in the series, the fight against the Deep Sea King is perhaps my favorite so far. It keeps on ramping up and hits some great high notes as the situation becomes increasingly desperate. The Deep Sea King combines overwhelming power with pure spite, which makes him more interesting as a villain than, say, Lord Boros. Mumen Rider really shines here. He could easily be nothing more than a joke character, but he's actually a rather competent street-level hero and he's got more heart than most the other members of the Hero Association combined. Puri-puri Prisoner and Sonic have pretty solid fights with the Deep Sea King as well and Genos takes some horrific punishment (which, as I've noted before, seems to be one of the main points of his character). Lastly, Saitama takes another hit for the team. Given how recognition is the thing he craves second only to genuine emotional stimulus, it shows that he really is a hero at heart by sacrificing that.

The action sequences are simply amazing. A lot of really brutal beat-downs going on. As noted above, Genos really goes through the wringer. As the Deep Sea King powers up, he truly becomes the stuff of nightmares and the atmospheric effect of the heavy rain is quite impressive.

Our side chapter this time around focuses on Saitama's money troubles. (Given how much money Genos gave him for rent when he moved in, you have to wonder how Saitama's bank account is down to 20 yen.)

For one of the best battle sequences in the series so far, this volume is definitely worth owning. For fans, there's no question, but anyone who likes a good knock-down, drag-out brawl, there are good times to be had.

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