Neon Genesis Evangelion (2014)


Volume 14

Neon Genesis Evangelion - Volume 14 (2014)

Author/Artist: Yoshiyuki Sadamoto
Original Story: Khara
Publisher: Kadokawa Comics Ace

The Third Impact has begun and the course of Instrumentality is in Shinji's hands.

This volume features Giant Naked Rei's Tang party and Shinji coming to terms with life, the universe and everything. As much as I want to see Gendou hurt, his resolution is fairly poignant. The ending after Shinji's fateful decision is completely different from EoE and far more satisfying. Rather than the bleak ending of EoE, we close on a much more hopeful note, which is a pleasant change of pace for the series.

The imagery is very stark in this volume, as you might expect when all reality is being reshaped. If you're particularly sensitive about nudity, you're going to have a problem because most of it is naked Shinji and naked Rei (in both giant and fun size).

There's a bonus chapter that gives us a nice look at the world in 1998 so you can see more of what it was like when Gendou and Yui were still in college. It centers around a certain character whose identity isn't revealed until the end. I don't think it's supposed to be taken as canonical with the Rebuild series, but it's a fun twist.

This volume brings the series to a close on a better note than either the original TV series or EoE. That in and of itself should be reason enough to give you reason to read it, not that fans need too much inducement.

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