Neon Genesis Evangelion (2012)


Volume 13

Neon Genesis Evangelion - Volume 13 (2012)

Author/Artist: Yoshiyuki Sadamoto
Original Story: Khara/Gainax
Publisher: Kadokawa Comics Ace

Shinji comes to Asuka's aid against the mass-produced Evas while Gendou uses Rei to trigger Instrumentality.

We continue the EoE material with some notable changes to the original story. Shinji is no longer an inert weeping lump and actually helps Asuka in the fight against the mass-produced Evas (and as a result, she doesn't get it nearly as bad as she did in the movie). Also, Ritsuko delivers one of the most satisfying panels in graphical storytelling (you'll have to see for yourself). I wonder if what Gendou says to Ritsuko here is what he was supposed to have told her in the original EoE. (To my knowledge, it remains a secret between Hideaki Anno and Ritsuko's seiyuu Yuriko Yamaguchi.)

Again, quality remains consistent. We get some appropriately freakish imagery as the Third Impact begins. Also, some of the expressions on Gendou's face as things don't go his way are quite welcome. ^_^

For fans who didn't like how the Third Impact went down either in the original series or in EoE, there are some tweaks that improve the situation. The fundamentals of the plot remain unchanged, but these minor alterations are appreciated. You'll want to keep reading and see the story through to the end.

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