Neon Genesis Evangelion (2007)


Volume 11

Neon Genesis Evangelion - Volume 11 (2007)

Author/Artist: Yoshiyuki Sadamoto
Original Story: Gainax/Khara
Publisher: Kadokawa Comics Ace

The Twelfth Angel is activated to bring SEELE's plan to fruition.

This lines up with Episode 24 of the original series and the beginning of The End of Evangelion. As readers of the manga already know that Kaworu is the Twelfth Angel Tabris, I'm not spoiling things when I talk about his fight with Shinji. Because Shinji isn't as attached to Kaworu here, there's not the same sort of internal conflict, which takes a lot of wind out of the sails of one of the most powerful scenes of the original series. It's disappointing, to be honest, but on the bright side, Shinji's interaction with a comatose Asuka is completely rewritten, much to everyone's relief. (But maybe not Shinji's, if you'll permit a little off-color humor.) For those who haven't seen EoE, the volume closes on a pretty good cliffhanger, which is something.

Sadamoto continues to maintain the high standard for his work you've come to expect and he treats us to a particularly lovely frame of Gendou no amount of brain bleach will cleanse from your mind.

Due to the changes in Shinji and Kaworu's relationship, I find that this stretch of the story has a lot less punch. That's not much of a complaint, though. It's still worth reading.

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