Attack on Titan (2017)


Volume 24

Attack on Titan - Volume 24 (2017)

Author/Artist: Hajime Isayama
Publisher: KC Magazine

Reiner reflects on the failed mission to Paradis Island as plans are laid for another attempt to reclaim the Coordinate.

A large part of this volume consists of flashbacks to Reiner and company's infiltration of Paradis. While the perspective flip is interesting, it doesn't break that much new ground. (You may just be happy to see Annie again.) Back to the main story, there's the realization that as Marley's war of conquest reaches its conclusion, there's not going to be any need for the Eldians anymore, so Sieg et al. have to figure out a way to ensure their people's survival. Meanwhile, we see that Marley isn't so different from Paradis when the real power behind the throne reveals itself. (It's a rather interesting twist.) Perhaps most of all, the volume ends on a solid cliffhanger. Oh, yes, we also see Falco's continuing struggles to outdo Gabi so she won't succeed Reiner as the Armored Titan. Ultimately, I really don't care that much for the Marley side of things and dedicating two full volumes to these people I don't care about is dragging me down a bit. I'm hoping to get back to the characters I'm actually invested in when Volume 25 rolls around. That's the main thing keeping me going at this point.

Isayama's art is at its best when there's lots of action, so when there isn't any action to be had, you're not going to be in for much of a visual treat. That's just the way it is.

We're still going strong with the high school AU fake previews. I really want this to get a full spinoff.

How well you like this volume will depend entirely on how much you like the recent turn to Marley. If you're like me, there's some useful plot content to be had but nothing you couldn't live without if it meant sticking with the characters we actually care about. It's well enough worth reading to see the developments, but not so much of a must-have. The cliffhanger has me hopeful for next time, though.

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