Appendix B
Species Guide

While this is not a comprehensive list of all species to appear in the story, it does include all those specifically mentioned and a few others which are present but do not receive mention in the text. In addition to the various names used within the context of the story, the more common names are also included for the reader's convenience.

Alari - The Elvish name for Light Elves.

Alba (pl. Albayim) - The Goblinish name for Light Elves.

Aldur - The Goblinish name for Dark Elves.

Anthropophagos (pl. Anthropophagoi) - A monster that looks like a headless man, its head is where the chest would be on a man. They are known for their love of human flesh and because of their resemblance to humans, they are often called cannibals.

Black Xotika - A term for Dark Elves.

Dark Elf - A breed of Elves born of the pact made between the treacherous Hazil and the Black Lich. Common features include dark skin, white hair and red eyes.

Dokkalf (pl. Dokkalfar) - The Dwarfish word for Dark Elves.

Dwarf - A race of mountain-dwelling humanoids short in stature and stoutly built with a particular talent for mining and metalworking.

Dwerkh (pl. Dwerkhar) - The Dwarven name for themselves.

Elemental - A type of Fae embodying a particular element.

Elf - A race of forest-dwelling humanoids notable for their long pointed ears and powerful magical abilities.

Fae - A broad term for Faeries and other Sprites.

Faerie - The highest order of Sprites; the term also applies to the third and final stage of a Faerie's life cycle, after emerging from the second cocoon.

Fair Folk - A common term for the Fae.

Fell Beast - A broad term for the most malignant of monsters.

Fell Race - A broad term including such species as Goblins, Trolls and Ogres.

Firstborn - A name for the first races to walk the earth: Faeries, Dragons, Elves and Liches.

Goblin - A race of small humanoids, the most common of the Fell Races, most typically found in forests and mountains.

Great Kobalos - The name of Ogres in Zephyr, Euros and Notos.

Gnome - An earth Elemental.

High Faerie - The eldest and most powerful of all Faeries.

Kobalos (pl. Kobaloi) - The name for Goblins and related species in Zephyr, Euros and Notos.

Light Elf - A breed of Elves born of the pact between the sage Luminel and the White Dragon King.

Maneater - A common name for Anthropophagoi.

Mononoke - A broad term used in Hijima for a wide range of monsters and evil spirits that plague humanity.

Moonchild - A Fae term for Elves.

Moonkin - A Fae term for Elves, derived from their veneration of the moon.

Mountain-dweller - An Elvish term for Dwarves.

Nymph - A type of female Fae bound to certain geographical features such as rivers, mountains and seas.

Ogr (pl. Ogrim) - The Goblinish name for Ogres.

Ogre - One of the Fell Races, alternatively classified as a type of Goblinoid or as a type of Giant, they are much larger and stronger than humans, but curiously they are often found in vassalage to Goblins.

Oni - A type of Mononoke found in Hijima, ranging from human size to giants, characterized by thick hair, horns on their heads and skin that is most commonly a reddish or bluish hue.

Pixy - The second stage of a Faerie's life cycle, after emerging from the first cocoon; they are typically much smaller than adult Faeries.

Salamander - A fire Elemental.

Shadow Tribe - The Fae term for Dark Elves, as in 'a Moonchild of the Shadow Tribe'.

Skrelling (pl. Skrellinger) - The Dwarfish name for Goblins.

Sky King - An Elven term for Dragons.

Son of the Mountain - The Fae term for Dwarves.

Sprite - A broad term for many races of æthereal and semi-æthereal beings.

Tengu - The nickname given to Dwarves by Akasame's men, after a type of Goblinoid Mononoke found in Hijima.

Tree Goblin - A breed of Goblins native to the forests, know for their lighter bodies and longer claws than their mountain-dwelling brethren.

Troll - A Goblinoid race larger than humans, known for their large noses and hairy bodies.

Undine - A water Elemental.

Uzshu - The Elven term for fell races.

Xotika - The name of Elves in Zephyr, Euros and Notos.

Yotun (pl. Yotner) - The Dwarfish term for Giants, also applied to Ogres.

Wyrmkin - A Fae term for Dragons.