A Brief History of Notos

The third of the Four Kingdoms of the Wind, Notos was dwarfed by the looming giants of Euros to the east and Zephyr to the west. A small and humble nation, Notos nevertheless rose to perform feats of renown in the Herakles War that nearly brought mighty Euros to its knees.
With the rise of the Chaos Dominion, Notos was the first victim of the Darklander army on its march westward. Half the kingdom burned, the King was dead, and all hope seemed lost when the Zephyrians finally came to their rescue. The broken nation was named a protectorate of Zephyr, but the promise of Notos' restoration as an independent kingdom grew more and more distant as the years gave way to decades and the decades gave way to centuries.
Many native sons resented Zephyrian rule over their homeland and that resentment sowed the seeds of rebellion. Minor revolts came and went over the three hundred years of the Protectorate, but as the threat of the Darklands was rearing its head once more, a new band of rebels came to the fore with a ruthless young leader prepared to stop at nothing to drive out any and all interlopers on Notian soil.