The Rise of the Republic

A number of rebellions came and went over the course of the Zephyrian occupation of Notos, but after three hundred years, Rowland and his Promethean Alliance succeeded where so many others had failed. The newly formed Republic of Notos, flush with gold from the Zephyrian coffers, had the wealth it needed to build a strong nation. A weaker man than Rowland would not have been able to rein in the squabbling factions vying for their share of power.
The fall of Zephyr to the machinations of Archbishop Gamaliel meant that the West could no longer pose a credible threat to Notos. The great and fearsome giant had fallen and would only fall further as internal divisions gnawed away until it ceased to be a single kingdom entirely.
In the East, however, Scipio's seal on the Darklands only had the strength to last one hundred years and when those hundred years came to an end, the task fell to Notos, not Zephyr to prevent a new threat from spreading westward.