Feb 17 2018

WIP Update – 16 Feb 18

I made more progress on Chapter 2 of Tellus and the epilogue of TBP. Really need to get the latter done. Stay tuned.

Feb 15 2018

WIP Update – 15 Feb 18

I made some progress on Chapter 2 of Tellus. More to come. Stay tuned.

Feb 15 2018

WIP Update – 14 Feb 18

I managed to wrap the prologue of Tellus, which moves things along. We’ll see how far I can get this week. Stay tuned.

Feb 13 2018

WIP Update – 13 Feb 18

I made a little (and I mean little) progress on the prologue of Tellus and the epilogue of TBP. We should be seeing an end to these days of minimal progress, though, at least in the short term as I’ll be under restriction from my usual distractions for a while. Stay tuned.

Feb 01 2018

WIP Update – 25 Jan – 01 Feb 18

Well, I won’t claim to have made amazing progress while the site was down, but I have continued forward. After writing more on Chapter 1 of Tellus and pretty well finishing it, I switched over to CeleKing3, finishing Chapters 5 and 6 and because I didn’t know exactly where I was story-wise, I ended up jumping all the way to Chapter 13. (I’ll be working on closing that gap in the coming days.) Stay tuned.

Jan 24 2018

WIP Update – 24 Jan 18

Continuing to inch along in Chapter 1 of Tellus. The fact that I’ve recently started playing Super Mario Odyssey has nothing at all to do with the current rate of progress. ^_^; More to come. Stay tuned.

Jan 23 2018

WIP Update – 23 Jan 18

I made more progress on Chapter 1 of Tellus. I’m looking forward to some leisurely sit-down time with the overall plot over the weekend to settle on the revised shape of the story. Stay tuned.

Jan 22 2018

WIP Update – 22 Jan 18

I made a little progress in Chapter 1 of Tellus. I’ve got a lot of reworking of the storyline ahead of me and depending on how long that takes, it may delay the start of serialization. We’ll see, though. Stay tuned.

Apr 11 2014

WIP Update – 10 Apr 14

I did a fair bit of assorted writing in TTWC2, mostly retooling chapters from the previous draft. I also did some work in the peripheral materials, focused around Tellus in particular. (I should probably add a subtitle to that story so there’s no confusion between it and the larger Tellus Arc.) I was formalizing some of the genealogical work and may continue it farther. Anyway, progress was made. Not too sure I’ll have much time to go farther over the weekend, but we’ll see. Stay tuned.