Jun 03 2015

WIP Update – 02 Jun 15

I almost wonder if I should expand the scope of these posts to include reviews or simply resign myself to the fact that I’ve been terrible about meeting quota lately. I think that I’m simply going to have to recommit myself to dedicating the time needed to make story progress. I certainly ought to be making time to pursue my calling and not just spend my days playing video games, watching movies and listening to LPs. Well, as I try to restore my resolve, I can say that I made a little progress on Chapter 4 of JJ and spent quite a bit of time in the peripheral materials, to include some work on the world map and sorting out some of the currencies of the different nations.

As always, while I haven’t had an abundance of story progress since the last post, I have been continually churning out new reviews. I already have built up enough to keep me in business for a while. The reason last week’s batch of reviews didn’t come out is because I got tripped up on the Azumanga-Daioh manga reviews. Really, the format for the comics/manga reviews strikes me as a bit of a liability compared to the simpler approach I take to movies and TV series. I may consider a reformat to simplify things. Anyway, hopefully there’ll be more progress to come. Stay tuned.

May 18 2015

WIP Update – 17 May 15

Here I go and give you a glimmer of hope that things are going back on track only for me to go off the reservation again. While I haven’t made any story progress, it’s not like I’ve been doing nothing of relevance at all over the course of the past week and I might as well report on that. Besides more reviews, I’ve been working in the peripheral materials, particularly those of Junker Jorg and Nagareboshi Tennyo. In the latter case, my encyclopedia file was corrupted at some point in the two years since I last worked with it which had perpetuated to all my backups, so I had to start it all over again, reconstructing as many articles as I could from the timeline.

I’ve pretty well got JJ’s outline filled out and once I get all the chapters named, I can have a proper table of contents. On that note, I really need to do the same for Everyday Magic and TCotSL. Things to do to occupy my time. Hopefully I’ll get some actual story writing done this week. Stay tuned.

May 11 2015

WIP Update – 10 May 15

It’s been a while since I last had something to post here. Haven’t really found the wherewithal to work on my stories much lately. I’ve been writing reviews for whatever that’s worth, but it almost feels like I’ve been avoiding them. I seem to be pulling out of it, though. Some inspiration started to stir and I worked on the outline for Junker Jorg a bit. Have most of the overall plot sketched out. I’m thinking that once Tico4 wraps, I might alternate between JJ and Everyday Magic. I’ve got a lot of work ahead of me yet if that’s going to happen, though. Maybe I’m getting to the point where that can happen. Stay tuned.

Apr 02 2015

WIP Update – 01 Apr 15

I made a little more progress on TCotSL and wrote more reviews. It won’t be long and I’ll have the gap closed in my backlog. That leaves me with a huge buffer for movies, but the DVR is packed with a backlog of films to watch. Even if I spent all my waking hours watching movies, I’d probably be at it a couple weeks. Yes, I know, First World problems if you ever heard them. We’ll see what I can get into next. Stay tuned.

Mar 31 2015

WIP Update – 30 Mar 15

I’m back in the saddle again, wrapping up Xorgoth’s epilogue and making some progress on his Chapters 2, 3 and 4. I think I’ll be stepping away from TTWC2 for a bit, though. It’s time for a change of pace. Maybe I’ll work on EM or JJ this week.

In other news, I’ve been playing around in the peripheral materials the past few days and of course writing more reviews. I’ve got quite a glut on the DVR, so I really need to work it down. I’d like to get back around 50% free before I head to Japan, but that may be asking a little much. Stay tuned.

Mar 29 2015

WIP Update – 28 Mar 15

I’ve almost got Xorgoth’s epilogue done and wrote a couple sentences on Medusa’s epilogue as well. (Writing when you’re starting to nod off isn’t recommended.) I didn’t post a progress update yesterday because I didn’t make any story progress, but I have continued to write reviews, which may or may not warrant a post. In fact, I have less than 20 items left to go in my queue of 174 movies. In the near future, I plan to start expanding the other sections as well. Stay tuned.

Mar 26 2015

WIP Update – 25 Mar 15

I made more progress on Xorgoth’s Chapter 5 in TTWC2. A little more of a push and I’ll be done with it. I’ve also written a number of reviews. I may actually have my backlog all knocked out in a few days at this rate. Now I’m trying to think of themed events to bundle them. Things to do, things to do. Stay tuned.

Mar 25 2015

WIP Update – 24 Mar 15

I wrote a little on Xorgoth’s Chapter 5 and epilogue of TTWC2 and penned a few more reviews. On the latter note, I was queuing up movies and I noticed that this new thing with the reviews was affecting my choice. Before, I was just looking for movies I hadn’t seen and thought might be interesting. Now I’m thinking more in terms of “This’ll make an interesting review.” I have to sometimes suppress my inner masochism and not choose movies I know will be terrible just so I might get a more acerbic review. That’s to say nothing about movies I’ve seen and hated but fall outside my six-month window. There’d have to be some sort of premium for that kind of service. Anyway, that’ll do it for now. Stay tuned.

Mar 24 2015

WIP Update – 23 Mar 15

With things settling down, I was finally able to get back on task and do some story-based writing. I made some progress on Ophis Python’s Chapter 3 and Xorgoth’s epilogue of TTWC2. My goal is to finish at least one of the three sections of TTWC2 I have left this week. I think I’ll push to finish TTWC2 before going back to work on TTWC3. I have 11 more chapters to go, most of them already partially written. I believe with some concerted effort, I can push through fairly quickly.

In other news, I was also writing quite a few reviews. I’m building up a rather comfortable buffer, but I need to pay some thought to rewatching some series and such to add some variety to my content. I am, after all, not just about movie reviews. We’ll see what happens. Stay tuned.

Mar 07 2015

WIP Update – 06 Mar 15

In my flurry of review writing, I was neglecting the writing that should be my primary focus. Though a little under quota, I did some writing on Simona’s epilogue of TTWC3 so I’d have something to report. As the reviews are just a side thing, saying I wrote 21 of them yesterday shouldn’t count as the sort of progress I report here. That puts me about a fifth of the way into the list I’ve drawn up. I’ll certainly have that buffer I was looking for. I suppose I might as well follow this obsession to its conclusion. I’ll just try to make time for my main writing while I’m at it. Stay tuned.