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May 29 2014

WIP Update – 28 May 14

I made a little progress on Chapter 4 of Tico4, mostly finishing the dialog of one section. Seven more to go. I think I’ve come up with a good solution for the problem the chapter poses, but we’ll see how it fares when I’m done.

In other news, with the epilogue of Tico3 set to come out in two weeks, I need to think about doing a full pass through the book and prepping all the appendices. Whee fun. Stay tuned.

Mar 24 2014

WIP Update – 23 Mar 14

I have the epilogue of Tico3 all but finished. I just have a few sentences left. I may actually go on to write a little on Tico4 before switching over to TTWC1, but we’ll see. Stay tuned.

Mar 23 2014

WIP Update – 21-22 Mar 14

Things were so hectic yesterday I didn’t have a chance to post, but I did have time to write. I’ve pretty well finished Chapters 28, 29 and 30 of Tico3 and just have a little more work left on the epilogue and that’ll be it. I imagine I’ll switch back to TTWC1 for a week after I’m done and then get started on Tico4. With the kind of lead time this affords me, I may even start fiddling around with GottMono1 in a bid to get it started. We’ll see. Stay tuned.

Mar 21 2014

WIP Update – 20 Mar 14

I made a little more progress on Chapters 28 and 29 of Tico3. A concentrated push over the weekend could get me to my goal. That’d certainly be nice. Stay tuned.

Mar 20 2014

WIP Update – 19 Mar 14

I did a little writing on Chapter 28 of Tico3, but my main accomplishment for the day was completing my review of Tico2. There were no major changes, just some tweaks for better dialect consistency, a few cases of missing italics in the HTML and a couple other minor oversights like a missing “the” and such. Maybe I can push through Chapter 28 today and possibly even round out the book before the end of the weekend. It’s actually not quite as ambitious as it sounds. Most of the dialog is already written and it’s largely a matter of fleshing out the narrative.

Speaking of editing reviews, I didn’t mention it here, but a week or two ago I was going back over Tico3’s prologue and decided to mercifully translate the slurred speech of Clip. You’re welcome, by the way. (Certainly I wasn’t going to dispense with it entirely after I lost that big chunk of hide from my lips simulating a Shelly breathing tube for reference.) I suppose a full review of Tico3 will have to follow its completion. That’ll be fun. I’m still on the fence as to whether or not I should include an extra chapter for the Tigerhawk training and if I should turn the planned epilogue into a regular chapter and make a new epilogue that fits the pattern of the previous two books. Things to consider. Stay tuned.

Mar 19 2014

WIP Update – 18 Mar 14

I’ve pretty well finished Chapter 27 of Tico3. In the process of writing the chapter, I had to make a couple callbacks to Tico2 and noticed some inconsistencies I need to patch. Nothing major, mind you. A big part of it is Lydia’s dialect. I’d went back over Tico1 a year or two back when I was making some pitches, but I haven’t given Tico2 the same treatment, so I’m doing that. The changes are mostly minor, but I’m also catching a few errors that slipped by before. I managed to get about halfway through and hope to finish the rest in short order. Stay tuned.

Feb 28 2014

WIP Update – 27 Feb 14

I continued writing a bit on Chapter 27 of Tico3 and also did some writing on Chapter 1 of Tico4. Jumping the gun a bit? Perhaps, but I’m eager to dive into something new.

In other news, Kazuya’s supposed to be getting a new tablet soon, so maybe we’ll be getting that anniversary illustration, albeit a month late. Stay tuned.

Feb 27 2014

WIP Update – 26 Feb 14

Well, I’ve pretty well wrapped up Chapter 26 of Tico3 and I’ve made good progress on Chapter 27 as well. I’m getting rather psyched about how close I am to finishing up. It’ll be almost two years since I finished Tico2. A two-year turnaround isn’t too bad, I’d say. More to come, I’m sure. Stay tuned.

Feb 26 2014

WIP Update – 25 Feb 14

Still chugging along with Chapter 26. Did a bit of a detour and jotted down some dialog for a potential short. I don’t plan on developing the latter too much at the moment, but I figured I should go ahead and commit some of it to (virtual) paper. As for the former, the ending sequence is going to be a little tricky to choreograph, but I’ll get it figured out. Stay tuned.

Feb 25 2014

WIP Update – 24 Feb 14

I made some good progress on Chapter 26 of Tico3. At this rate, I should be done with it in the next two or three days. I kinda wish I could just take a couple days off and do nothing but write and push through the rest of the book, but there are things that need to be done. Stay tuned for more.