Category: Short Stories

May 01 2015

WIP Update – 30 Apr 15

A little more work on the Space Arc short I mentioned before. Still coming up shy of quota. Maybe when things settle down, I can start making better progress. Stay tuned.

Apr 30 2015

WIP Update – 26-28 Apr 15

This update is delayed, but I’d done a little writing on Battle School, PriPro and a Space Arc short over the past few days. Under quota, but it’s at least worth mentioning. The reason these notices have been delayed is because things have been a little hectic of late. Things should settle down in the next couple days. No idea what I’m going to work on in the near future. I know I said I was going to work on TTWC2, but I haven’t managed it yet. I really need to do the work before I’m all but ready to conk out. Believe it or not, it actually takes a bit of focus to write on a novel. Well, we’ll see what comes. Stay tuned.

Mar 12 2015

WIP Update – 11 Mar 15

I finished another Space Arc short and made good headway on yet another.  I don’t know if I’ll be sticking to the Space Arc throughout the week or not. We’ll see. Stay tuned.

Mar 11 2015

WIP Update – 10 Mar 15

I pretty well wrapped up Chapter 28 of Tico4, which means the book is pretty well taken care of, but I’m going to do a read-through first before making a formal announcement of its completion. I also completed two shorts set after the events of the story, which I’ll likely put out shortly after serialization of Tico4 wraps in September. I’ll probably divide the remainder of my time on a few more shorts and the read-through of Tico4. After that, I’ll start turning my attention to Junker Jorg so I’ll have a good head-start when serialization begins. Might try to move “The Case of the Striped Leopard” along too. Stay tuned.

Oct 03 2014

WIP Update – 02 Oct 14

You should already be aware of all the stuff that’s been going on lately that have thrown me off schedule and under quota. Things are settling down, though, and though it’d be more merciful to just overlook the gap in progress, I intend to make up for it. This means I’ve got 5K to make up in addition to the daily quota. I intend to work it down, but it may take a few days. At very least, I managed to squeeze out the daily quota yesterday amid everything else, writing a bit on a Space Arc short. Honestly, if there was someone dictating the dialog I was testing out during the drive back to Tejas, I’d probably be more than halfway toward my goal of making up lost progress. Well, nothing to it but to do it. Stay tuned.

Jul 19 2014

WIP Update – 18 Jul 14

I continued to work on the epilogue of Tico4 (yes, I know it seems counterintuitive to be working on the very end when I still have so much in between, but I typically work where inspiration takes me and then go back through to fill in the blanks) and also worked a little on one of the Space Arc shorts. It’s not much, but progress is progress. (I say that a lot, don’t I?) Stay tuned for more.

May 07 2014

WIP Update – 06 May 14

I worked on a short that acts as a prequel for KoG1 (actually part of a small series that gives a brief glimpse at each of the six main members of Mark’s party shortly prior to events of the main story). It’s primarily intended as an option to pad out the wordcount in case I’m optioned for publication and the current 60K is deemed insufficient.

I’m also piddling around a bit with the Cross Arc story Nagareboshi Tennyo, mostly just ’cause.

Apr 13 2014

WIP Update – 12 Apr 14

I made some progress on the prologue and Chapter 1 of Tico4 and did a little more writing on some of those Space Arc shorts. I’ve got a fair bit of research ahead of me in preparation for the first major plot arc of the story. Nothing like poring over pages and pages of government docs to lend verisimilitude to the story. Stay tuned.

Apr 12 2014

WIP Update – 11 Apr 14

I did a little more writing on TTWC2 and did some work on a few of the Space Arc shorts in development. I think I’m about ready to hop over and start doing some work on Tico4 for a while. However, I have other priorities that come first, so I can’t make any promises of much progress in the immediate future. We’ll see how it goes, though. Stay tuned.

Mar 27 2014

WIP Update – 26 Mar 14

I believe I’ve pretty well gotten everything laid out for Tico4. Again, I’ve done a little writing here and there, but most of the day’s work was organizational. I also wrote a little dialog for another potential short on the horizon. So much writing to do and so little time.

I suppose prepping this week’s update will be a good time for me to transition over to TTWC1. I think I’ll at least round out Ionathas’ scenario before going back to Tico4 or going anywhere else. Stay tuned.