Category: Case of the Striped Leopard

Mar 17 2016

WIP Update – 16 Mar 16

I managed to pretty well wrap up Chapter 26 and the epilogue of EM. If I was going chronologically, that’d be it, but I still have Chapters 23 and 25 to go. Finishing the book by the end of the weekend is entirely within the realm of possibility, so fingers crossed.

In other news, I’ve decided that besides kicking off CeleKing1, I’ll also be resuming “The Case of the Spotted Leopard” in December. The Ticonderoga Detective Agency series involves comparatively short stories which only amount to novellas or novelettes, so TCotSL will wrap the following January. I’ll probably follow it with another If Arc story, either “The Dragon Lady’s Dark Secret” or something else.

Well, that does it for gazing into the crystal ball. More to come. Stay tuned.

Apr 03 2015

WIP Update – 02 Apr 15

More progress on TCotSL. I’ve actually finished the epilogue, so I have the beginning and the end, but all the middle to sort out. There may be a round or two of rewrites needed before the story is fit for print, though. It’s fun broadening my horizons, but mystery writing really isn’t my forte. Well, nothing to do but keep at it. I’m too invested in the characters to abandon them, so I’ll just have to work harder to come up with the stories to carry them. I’ll probably continue the work for a few days more before switching over to something else. I really need to buckle down of TTWC2, but it’s hard to muster the wherewithal to keep going. Stay tuned.

Apr 02 2015

WIP Update – 01 Apr 15

I made a little more progress on TCotSL and wrote more reviews. It won’t be long and I’ll have the gap closed in my backlog. That leaves me with a huge buffer for movies, but the DVR is packed with a backlog of films to watch. Even if I spent all my waking hours watching movies, I’d probably be at it a couple weeks. Yes, I know, First World problems if you ever heard them. We’ll see what I can get into next. Stay tuned.

Apr 01 2015

WIP Update – 31 Mar 15

Perhaps it was some of my recent movie viewing that prompted me to pick up “The Case of the Striped Leopard” and work on it a bit. I think I’ll keep at it for a while. I’ve got a lot of red herrings built in, but I may need to streamline things to ensure the story flows smoothly. Right now the investigation is just starting, so I’ve got plenty of time to sort things out. I may wait until I finish the story and iron out all the wrinkles before posting any more of it, though. Stay tuned.