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Sep 15 2013

WIP Update – 14 Sep 13

I did more writing on KoB and I think I’m finally ready to turn things around and focus on Tico3, but at this rate it could mean that the update gets delayed a day or two. We’ll see.

Sep 14 2013

WIP Update – 13 Sep 13

I did more work on KoB. Yes, I know it doesn’t get me to where I need to be for next week’s update, but every now and then I should write where inclination and inspiration take me. It really is an interesting alternative take on the KoG mythos.

I don’t know if I’ve talked about it before, but the basic premise takes the end of the “Quest for the Pendants” sub-story of KoG2 and branches off from the main continuity by having Mark embrace his warrior blood and join the Dragon Guard rather than reject it and become a monk. This now places Mark in Byrn for the “Fall of Byrn” sub-story. Everything that happens in KoG1 and 3 get chucked out the window. Without becoming the Guardian, does Mark stand a chance against Randwulf? Well, that’s the sort of thing you can look forward to finding out.

A big part of the story involves Mark’s interactions with the men of his banner, among whom is the son of the late Captain Vitaliy, who Mark killed at the entrance to Pandemonium. Do sparks fly? Why, yes, they do.

There are also the subtle changes to how the other characters developed based on Mark’s decision. Mark and Catherine’s relationship, while being put on hold until he can raise his station sufficiently to justify wedding the Lady of Fiora, is far more actively engaged. Stefan, because Mark isn’t tucked away in the abbey, doesn’t leave Byrn to train in the Eastland, so as an adult he hasn’t cast aside as many of his Romany trappings (and this significantly affects his fighting style, too). Also, Stefan can’t blame Mark for not being able to form the Crystal Knight when the Marauders invade, but what about Ignatiy? Well, that’s a factor, too. ^_^

Anyway, I really should be switching over to Tico3, but I may just spend a little more time with KoB first. Stay tuned.

Sep 13 2013

WIP Update – 12 Sep 13

I didn’t get much writing done yesterday, but what little writing I did was on Knight of Byrn, strangely enough. For some reason I was thinking about it, so I managed to get some dialog written before I conked out.

Before that I was futzing around on this rambling post, but I wasn’t happy with it and scrapped the thing. The more I thought on the subject, the less I wanted to keep going. Maybe I’ll revisit it at a later date, but not now.

I really need to switch gears to Tico3 so the update will be out on time. Maybe if the mascot would stop meowing me to death and let me focus on my work…