Category: CeleKing1

Nov 19 2017

WIP Update – 19 Nov 17

While I did put the finishing touches on Chapter 1 of CeleKing1 and add some odds and ends while reviewing what I’d written so far, my main accomplishment was doing the HTML conversions for the appendices of CeleKing1 in preparation for the end of its serial run on Thursday.

Although the need is greater for more work on TBP, I’m going to stick to the schedule and work on TG this week. I may end up trying to make some headway in TBP as well. I really need to finish it and get working on building some lead time for the next story. We’ll see what I can accomplish. Stay tuned.

Oct 01 2017

WIP Update – 30 Sep 17

Well, I’m not exactly going to be meeting my goal when I only get 100 words written, but so it goes. I made a little progress on Chapter 22 of CeleKing2, but depending on how tomorrow goes, I may just have to push the goal of finishing the book to the next cycle. It’ll still be sooner than I was expecting.  Well, we’ll see what I can get done. Stay tuned.

Apr 23 2017

WIP Update – 23 Apr 17

Well, I’m calling it. I put the finishing touches on the epilogue of CeleKing1 and that’s that. My 14th novel is complete. It all feels like it went by really quickly, but I guess that’s not necessarily a bad thing given all the projects in my cue.

I promptly went on to do a little work in the prologue of CeleKing2, but the real work won’t begin until next cycle. I’ve already got about 10K written on that book, so if its predecessor is any indication, that means about 50K more to go. (Honestly, I don’t even have the thing fully plotted yet, so that’s work to be done.)

Anyway, now it’s back to TSoA1. We’ll see how far I can get this week. Because I have Friday off, my schedule’s been compressed a bit, so I won’t have quite as much time for writing as usual. I should still be able to make decent headway, though. Stay tuned.

Apr 23 2017

WIP Update – 22 Apr 17

I spent most of the day just transcribing all my handwritten work, so I didn’t get much new writing done, though I did finish the dialog for the epilogue of CeleKing1. I just need to fill in a little of the narrative and I’ll be done. There will be some additional polish and revisions added later, but the work will be mostly done. I won’t quite announce the deal’s done yet, but we’re close. Stay tuned.

Apr 22 2017

WIP Update – 21 Apr 17

I managed to pretty well wrap Chapter 24 of CeleKing1 and get about halfway into the epilogue. One more push and I should be done. Because I’ve been playing so much BotW, I haven’t been transcribing my handwritten work, so I ended up spending all evening transcribing and still haven’t got it all on the computer yet. More fun to come. Stay tuned.

Apr 20 2017

WIP Update – 20 Apr 17

I continued on in Chapter 24 of CeleKing1. I almost have it finished, which means that all I have left is the epilogue. If not today, then definitely over the weekend I’ll be wrapping things up. Is everyone looking forward to it? I thought so. Stay tuned.

Apr 19 2017

WIP Update – 19 Apr 17

I managed to finish up Chapter 23 of CeleKing1 and start in on Chapter 24. Chapter 24 should be quite a bit shorter, so it may just take one more day to finish it. Stay tuned.

Apr 18 2017

WIP Update – 18 Apr 17

I’m continuing to make headway in Chapter 23 of CeleKing1. I think another day and it should be finished. Stay tuned.

Apr 17 2017

WIP Update – 17 Apr 17

Now, anyone familiar with my usual patterns can be forgiven for not expecting an update here. Yes, I’m playing Breath of the Wild now and, yes, I’m spending a lot of time with it, even during the off-hours at work thanks to the Switch’s handheld capabilities. I don’t go so far as to bring the AC adapter with me, so there is an upper limit to how long I can play, which is both fortuitous and partially by design. As such, I’ve managed to more than make the day’s quota on Chapter 23 of CeleKing1. Taking the time to transcribe what I’ve written in my notebook is another story, though. Eventually my hands will give out from playing and that’ll be something to do while I recover. There’s a lot I can say about BotW, but I figure I’ll save most of it for my review, probably coming in about a month from now. Meanwhile, more story progress to come. Stay tuned.

Apr 03 2017

WIP Update – 02 Apr 17

I was able to finish Chapter 22 of CeleKing1, which means I’m just three chapters away from finishing the book. That should be quite manageable next cycle. It would be even more so if I didn’t learn today that my new workplace bans outside devices (and won’t be providing me with an internal machine to use). It’s probably going to wreck my hands, but I see myself resorting to good old-fashioned pen and paper. I’ll have to get the paper, though. ^_^; Well, it’s TSoA1’s turn to get some love. Stay tuned.