Nov 19 2017

WIP Update – 19 Nov 17

While I did put the finishing touches on Chapter 1 of CeleKing1 and add some odds and ends while reviewing what I’d written so far, my main accomplishment was doing the HTML conversions for the appendices of CeleKing1 in preparation for the end of its serial run on Thursday.

Although the need is greater for more work on TBP, I’m going to stick to the schedule and work on TG this week. I may end up trying to make some headway in TBP as well. I really need to finish it and get working on building some lead time for the next story. We’ll see what I can accomplish. Stay tuned.

Nov 19 2017

WIP Update – 18 Nov 17

I mostly just did transcriptions, but I also added a little to Chapters 2 and 4. In the former case, it touches on a pet peeve of mine when it comes to rehashing points already established in previous entries, but my memory may work differently than the average reader, so for the sake of accessibility, I thought it was a good idea to add a little explanation about what the characters were talking about rather than expect people to remember a brief exchange early in the last volume that hadn’t been touched on since. Hopefully such considerations are appreciated. I’d like to round out one or two more chapters before the handover. We’ll see. Stay tuned.

Nov 18 2017

WIP Update – 17 Nov 17

I pretty well finished Chapter 2 of CeleKing3 and did some writing on Chapter 6 as well. Things are moving along nicely. Just have to keep at it. More to come. Stay tuned.

Nov 16 2017

WIP Update – 16 Nov 17

I did some writing on Chapters 2 and 3 of CeleKing3. The ball is rolling now. More to come. Stay tuned.

Nov 15 2017

WIP Update – 15 Nov 17

I did some shaking up of the structure of CeleKing3. I wrote a little on what’s now Chapter 3 and did a fair bit of work rewriting Chapter 1 when I realized that someone with the sort of extensive injuries our POV chara has would neet a little more than just an IV and that considerably changed the scripting of the scene. There are still some gaps in the outline I’d like to plug up. Things to do. Stay tuned.

Nov 14 2017

WIP Update – 14 Nov 17

I managed to mostly finish the prologue of CeleKing3. Now that I’ve gotten the ball rolling, things should start flowing now. Stay tuned.

Nov 13 2017

WIP Update – 13 Nov 17

Well, there went another three-day weekend all frittered away. Saturday the only thing I really accomplished was getting caught up on the transcriptions. Sunday I was getting thumbnails together for the entire series of reviews I’m doing, so that was time that could’ve been spent on writing. Monday all I managed to do was a couple paragraphs on Chapter 34 of TBP. It’s funny. Two weeks of focusing on TBP and all I manage is about one week’s quota. I have this bad habit of waiting until near the end of my day to start writing and by then I’m no longer coherent enough to get much done. Oh well. I guess I should hop over to CeleKing3 for a while. Let’s see what I can get done. Stay tuned.

Nov 11 2017

WIP Update – 10 Nov 17

I made a little more progress on Chapter 34 of TBP. I need to push a little harder to meet quota before it’s time for the handover. Stay tuned.

Nov 09 2017

WIP Update – 09 Nov 17

I made a little more progress on Chapter 34 of TBP. Not much, mind you, but a little. Maybe I can pick up the pace a bit over the weekend, but if history is any indication, probably not. Still, I can aim to get one or two chapters knocked out. Stay tuned.

Nov 08 2017

WIP Update – 08 Nov 17

I started in on Chapter 34 of TBP. Didn’t get anywhere near quota, but some progress is better than no progress. More to come. Stay tuned.