Jul 31 2017

WIP Update – 31 Jul 17

I made some progress on Chapter 6 of TG. Another round and I should be done with it. The action is about to pick up, so I’m looking forward to that. Stay tuned.

Jul 30 2017

WIP Update – 30 Jul 17

In truth, I only did a negligible amount of writing on Chapter 12 of CeleKing1, but I did manage to get all caught up on my transcriptions. Just in time, too, as I’m cycling back around to TG. (In case you didn’t know, a healthy amount of progress I’d made four weeks ago was still sitting in my notepad.) Now let’s see if I can’t knock out two or three chapters. Stay tuned.

Jul 29 2017

WIP Update – 28 Jul 17

I managed to finish Chapter 13 of CeleKing2. And now I have to think about getting through Chapter 12. You see, this part of the story is tricky for me because it touches on one of the challenges I face as a writer and that is how far I should go. I don’t have any interest in being “edgy” for edginess’ sake. You can have a strong impact when you push the envelope, but oftentimes it’s more effective to practice restraint.

Celestial society has a lot of depravity to it and highlighting that is one way of reinforcing Yasuko’s mission to bring them down, but at what point am I going too far? I have a feeling my threshold may actually be lower than a lot of people, so it may not be that much of a problem. It’s certainly not my intention to be exploitative. Part of the point is to show Yasuko’s strength in resisting and eventually overcoming those who mean to use her, but that may just come off as a fig leaf to try to lend some respectability to a string of abuses involving a 16-year-old girl.

Well, I guess all I can do is charge forward and if I think I’ve overstepped any boundaries or fallen short of what’s needed to really drive the point home, I can always send it through a round of rewrites. We’ll see what happens. Stay tuned.

Jul 27 2017

WIP Update – 27 Jul 17

I made more progress on Chapter 13 of CeleKing2. The goal at this point is to finish it and Chapter 12 before the next cycle. Stay tuned.

Jul 26 2017

WIP Update – 26 Jul 17

I leapfrogged Chapter 12 of CeleKing2 to work on Chapter 13. Chapter 12 is a little tricky for me. I’ll talk more about it in a later post. Stay tuned.

Jul 25 2017

WIP Update – 25 Jul 17

I finished Chapter 11 of CeleKing2 and wrote a little on Chapter 12. As long as I keep up this pace, I’ll be doing fine. Stay tuned.

Jul 24 2017

WIP Update – 24 Jul 17

Well, it wasn’t my intention, but I ended up taking a break of writing ever since I wrote those few lines on the train ride down to Narita. I’m back in the swing of things, though, picking up where I left off and nearly finishing Chapter 11 of CeleKing2. Just a little more to go and I’ll be done with that. Can I make double quota this week to make up for lost time? I don’t know. Fire Emblem: Echoes is wanting my time, along with FE: Heroes and Hortensia Saga. Stay tuned.

Jul 17 2017

WIP Update – 14-15 Jul 17

I made more progress on Chapter 27 of TBP, mostly on Friday because I only did maybe a paragraph while in transit Saturday. I don’t know how much writing I’ll get accomplished while I’m back in the States, but it’s time to transition to CeleKing2. We’ll see what gets done. Stay tuned.

Jul 13 2017

WIP Update – 13 Jul 17

More progress on Chapter 27 of TBP. Hope to finish it with another day’s work. Stay tuned.

Jul 13 2017

WIP Update – 12 Jul 17

I wrapped up Chapter 26 of TBP and started in on the new Chapter 27. More to come. Stay tuned.