Jun 29 2017

WIP Update – 29 Jun 17

I managed to wrap up Chapter 9 of CeleKing2 and move on to Chapter 10. If I can keep this progress up, I’ll be quite satisfied with this cycle. Stay tuned.

Jun 28 2017

WIP Update – 28 Jun 17

I got up to the linkage point in Chapter 7 of CeleKing2 and went on to start Chapter 9. More to come. Stay tuned.

Jun 27 2017

WIP Update – 27 Jun 17

Proving to myself that there’s a lot more at the beginning of the chapter than I originally imagined, I did more work on Chapter 7 of CeleKing1 and still haven’t quite caught up to the point from which I’d already written the story. Another day and I’ll get it linked up. Stay tuned.

Jun 26 2017

WIP Update – 26 Jun 17

I managed to finish Chapter 6 of CeleKing1 and do a little work on Chapter 7. As mentioned before, there’s only so much I can do with Chapters 7 and 8 when I’m away from my laptop, so I’ll probably be jumping ahead to Chapter 9 soon. I also need to spend some time filling in the plot for the rest of the chapters.  Fun, fun, fun. Stay tuned.

Jun 25 2017

WIP Update – 23-25 Jun 17

I started in on Chapter 26 of TBP Friday, then finally managed to get caught up on my transcriptions Saturday and from there I was able to make a little more progress on Chapter 26 before calling it a week. I didn’t get as far as I would’ve liked but still did well over quota. Now it’s time to move on to CeleKing2. Once I get through Chapter 6, working on 7 and 8 away from my laptop will be tricky given how much I’ve written on them already. I’ll probably have to skip ahead and come back to those two on the weekend. That’s the plan at least. Stay tuned.

Jun 23 2017

WIP Update – 22 Jun 17

I managed to wrap Chapter 25 of TBP. Making it through Chapter 27 by the end of the week doesn’t seem all that likely, but we’ll see what happens. Stay tuned.

Jun 21 2017

WIP Update – 21 Jun 17

I made a little progress on Chapter 25 of TBP, well under quota but I’d managed to do close to double quota on Monday, so it balances out. I need to kick things back into gear, though, lest I fall behind. Oh, and in another day or two I should actually be caught up on my transcriptions, so yay for that. More to come. Stay tuned.

Jun 20 2017

WIP Update – 20 Jun 17

I made more progress on Chapter 25 of TBP. I’ve got one more section of the chapter to go and then I’ll be done with it. I’ve still got so much transcription to do from last week. Ugh. Well, off to make more progress. Stay tuned.

Jun 19 2017

WIP Update – 19 Jun 17

I made some decent progress on Chapter 25 of TBP and will probably finish it after another day’s work. Things are proceeding nicely, but I’m still trying to catch up on the transcription of last week’s work. Busy, busy. Progress may be lighter the next couple days due to more actual work to be done. We’ll see, though. Stay tuned.

Jun 18 2017

WIP Update – 18 Jun 17

I still haven’t gotten caught up on the transcription of my work yet, but I went ahead and jotted down some dialog I’d been brainstorming for Chapter 6 of TG just so I could have some new progress to report. Besides continuing the transcription, I need to switch over to TBP and move forward there as well. My tentative goal is to get through Chapter 27 this week. We’ll see if it gets accomplished. Stay tuned.