Apr 29 2016

WIP Update – 27-28 Apr 16

I finished the prologue of CeleKing1 and made more progress on Chapter 1. I never thought I’d be managing a brothel, but fiction can take you to strange places. (It’ll make sense once the story comes out.) If I can get through the chapter before the weekend’s out, I’ll call it good. I think I’ve devised a scheme that’ll make it easier to plot the story out, but I need to spend time on that too. Stay tuned.

Apr 27 2016

WIP Update – 26 Apr 16

I made a little more progress on the prologue of CeleKing1. Another day’s work and I’ll have it done. Not much more to say at the moment. Stay tuned.

Apr 26 2016

WIP Update – 25 Apr 16

I made a little progress on the prologue of CeleKing1, under par but still more than I usually accomplish on Mondays. I’d like to finish the prologue and Chapter 1 this week, but more than that, I’d like to get the outline sketched out. We’ll see how far I can get. Stay tuned.

Apr 25 2016

WIP Update – 24 Apr 16

So I don’t get anything done Saturday and I come up under par after that. Needless to say, I fell short of my goal but I more or less hit the wordcount quota for the week. Now it’s time to switch over and get the ball rolling on CeleKing1. Stay tuned.

Apr 23 2016

WIP Update – 22 Apr 16

I continued to inch along in Chapter 20 of JJ. I’m meeting quota, but it turns out that there’s a fair bit more to sort out. I’ll keep chipping away at it though and see if I can’t meet my goal for the week. Stay tuned.

Apr 22 2016

WIP Update – 21 Apr 16

I made a little more progress on Chapter 20 of JJ. I spent more time diagramming out how the main action set piece of the chapter plays out and working on some reviews. Now that the weekend’s here, maybe I can make the final push through Chapters 20 and 21. Stay tuned.

Apr 21 2016

WIP Update – 20 Apr 16

I managed to finish Chapter 22 of JJ, write more on Chapter 20 and start in on 23. Besides the actual writing, I spent a lot of time sorting out the timeline, which has resulted in me adjusting some dates. That’ll be reflected in the chapters I already have up when I do the next update. It’s nothing major, but you know what a stickler I am for the fine details. Stay tuned.

Apr 20 2016

WIP Update – 19 Apr 16

I wandered around making progress across Chapters 20, 21 and 22 of JJ, not finishing any of them. By the looks of it, I may end up inching along in all three and then clear them out in a single swoop. At very least, I was able to go far enough to make up for not getting anything written on Monday. The goal is to at least get these three chapters done by the end of the week. Stay tuned.

Apr 18 2016

WIP Update – 17 Apr 16

I pretty well finished Urgill’s epilogue of TTWC3. That just leaves her Chapter 5, but I’m thinking of changing my original plan for it, so that may require a little extra time. It’s business for next cycle at any rate. Now it’s time to return to JJ. Stay tuned.

Apr 17 2016

WIP Update – 16 Apr 16

I finished Urgill’s Chapter 4 of TTWC3 and made some more progress on her epilogue. I should be able to at least finish the epilogue before the switch, maybe even finish her Chapter 5 as well if I really focus on it. We’ll see. Stay tuned.