Feb 29 2016

WIP Update – 28 Feb 16

Well, I managed to surprise myself by buckling down and finishing Chapter 24 of EM and then adding a few lines to Chapter 23 and the epilogue. If I can repeat progress like this week’s next cycle, I’ll be done with the book. It’s probably going to weigh in under 50K when it’s done, but I guess I don’t need to be obsessing about wordcount too much. Now it’s time to switch over to TTWC3. It’ll be launching soon and I’d like to have at least one more section done before then. Stay tuned.

Feb 28 2016

WIP Update – 27 Feb 16

I made a little more progress on Chapter 24 of EM. I’ll probably fall short of finishing it before I switch over, but this has been such a productive week that it won’t bother me too much. While I’ll probably start up CeleKing1 after I’m done with EM, I still need to decide what will take JJ’s place when I’m done there. It’s either going to be in the If Arc or the Earth Arc. Both of them could use some love. I’ll let you know when I have it figured out. Stay tuned.

Feb 27 2016

WIP Update – 26 Feb 16

I pretty well finished Chapter 22 of EM and made a little more progress on Chapter 24 as well. If you’re wondering why I’ve been dancing around Chapter 23, it’s because it’s going to be rather long and involved, so I’m waiting for the next cycle to tackle it.

I also worked out the immediate genealogy of the House de Ladrieu, the ruling family of Arielle at the time of the story. It happens to be relevant for Chapter 24, which I could possibly wrap before the weekend’s out. I do have a lot of homework to knock out, though, so don’t pin too many hopes on that. Stay tuned.

Feb 26 2016

WIP Update – 25 Feb 16

I’ve managed to continue a rather productive spell, finishing both Chapters 18 and 21 and getting most of the dialog down for Chapter 22. At this rate, I should be done within two cycles. It’s actually pretty exciting. Although I hadn’t originally planned for a sequel, some ideas have started to take shape. That goes for JJ as well. We’ll see if I decide to go into preproduction or not. I’m leaning toward yes, but I’ll probably hold off on any teasers until both stories wrap in October. Stay tuned.

Feb 25 2016

WIP Update – 24 Feb 16

I started out doing some work on Chapter 18 of EM, then started wandering around a bit in the story, finishing Chapter 21 and making some progress on Chapter 24 as well. I’ve still got a ways to go yet, but I’m closing in on the endgame. I’ll be turning my attention to Batista and Masako in CeleKing1 yet. If I can finish Chapter 18 and maybe Chapter 22 before it’s time to switch over, I’ll be pretty satisfied. Stay tuned.

Feb 24 2016

WIP Update – 23 Feb 16

I made some good progress on Chapter 18 of EM, enough to make up for not getting any writing done Monday. Finishing the chapter is entirely feasible before the week is out and I should be able to finish Chapter 21 as well at the very least. Stay tuned.

Feb 22 2016

WIP Update – 21 Feb 16

Well, by virtue of splitting the content originally intended for Chapter 16 of JJ, I managed to finish the chapter. As the chapter tallies in at over 6K words, I’d say it’s definitely long enough. I’ll have to edit the ToC on the website to reflect the new chapter structure, but that’s a small thing. Even missing a few days last week, I was still able to pretty well meet overall quota. I’m a bit behind on other stuff as a result, though. Ah, the balancing act we do. It’s on to EM now. Stay tuned.

Feb 22 2016

WIP Update – 20 Feb 16

I made some good progress on Chapter 16 of JJ, but it seems I’ve really underestimated how much it’s going to take to get this thing done. If it goes on much longer, I may have to split it up in two. By the looks of it, I’m going to fall short of my goal, but so it goes. I’ll see how far I can get and then switch over to EM. Stay tuned.

Feb 20 2016

WIP Update – 19 Feb 16

I made some progress in Chapter 16 of JJ and–for whatever it’s worth–assigned everyone to their berthing spaces. We’ll see if I feel compelled to do the same for the enemy ship. Nice as it’d be to finish the chapter in the next couple days, I don’t know if it’ll actually happen. I’ll see what I can do, though. Stay tuned.

Feb 17 2016

WIP Update – 16 Feb 16

I’ve been busy with school and work, but I managed to squeeze in a few lines in Chapter 16 of JJ. Things are settling down a bit, so I should be able to make more progress. The goal is to at least finish the chapter this week. Stay tuned.