Sep 30 2015

WIP Update – 28-29 Sep 15

I managed to pretty well finish up Chapter 6 of JJ. I actually had to go back and make some modifications because I was glancing ahead at Chapter 8 and realized I forgot about somebody. Now I can pick up EM and hopefully get a chapter or two knocked out. Chapters 6 and 7 are fairly well along, so wrapping them up should be easy enough. Stay tuned.

Sep 28 2015

WIP Update – 26-27 Sep 15

I made some more progress on Chapter 6 of JJ. I may keep going to finish the chapter. After that, I’m going to spend some time on EM. In two weeks JJ will debut and then we’ll be alternating between it and EM. Hopefully I can maintain my pace of progress on both so there aren’t any interruptions, but even if there are, I have several Space Arc shorts to fill any gaps. Stay tuned.

Sep 26 2015

WIP Update – 25 Sep 15

I made some progress on Chapter 6 of JJ. I don’t think I can finish it by the end of the weekend, but I can at least make that my aim. Stay tuned.

Sep 25 2015

WIP Update – 23-24 Sep 15

I’ve made more progress on Chapter 5 of JJ, a bit under quota, but that’s offset by a rather substantial amount of work I’ve been doing in the peripheral materials. You see, the encyclopedia for JJ was originally written to be concurrent with the story, but I’ve since modified it to cover events a good 30 or so years after the story ends. I don’t think it’s a big spoiler to say that Miravel, the world where JJ takes place, is on the block for Reclamation by the Empire. Well, after the events of the story, there’s a world war between the nations willing to submit and those who resist. Besides updating entries in the encyclopedia to account for the aftermath, I also drew up the revised world map. There were other things like expanded family trees and more fleshed out geographical information, but I know that story progress is what I’m supposed to be reporting first and foremost. I’m not that far off from finishing Chapter 5 and while finishing Chapter 6 over the weekend may be a stretch, I can at least make some good headway. Stay tuned.

Sep 23 2015

WIP Update – 21-22 Sep 15

I’ve made some progress in Chapter 5 of JJ. Another day should be enough to wrap things up unless I decide to add another section. I don’t think I will, though. If I could get through Chapter 7 before the weekend’s out, that’d be fantastic, but we’ll see how far I manage to get. Stay tuned.

Sep 21 2015

WIP Update – 20 Sep 15

On a whim, I decided to reread what I’ve written on the CeleKing series and did some writing on Chapter 1 of CeleKing1. Maybe I’ll have to pencil in a week for it, but for now, I’m going to try to get another couple chapters of JJ knocked out. If I can have JJ and EM up through Chapter 6 at least before they kick off in three weeks, I’ll be in good shape. Stay tuned.

Sep 20 2015

WIP Update – 19 Sep 15

I managed to wrap up Simona’s epilogue, do some tweaking to Carpos’ prologue and Chapter 1 (which were already mostly finished) and start in on his Chapter 2. I imagine I’ll be shifting gears to either EM or JJ soon. The more lead I can get prior to their launch, the better. Stay tuned.

Sep 19 2015

WIP Update – 18 Sep 15

I pretty well finished Simona’s Chapter 5 and did some work on her epilogue as well. I just have a little further to go and then I can move on to Carpos. I’ve gotten an idea for an If Arc story based on an alternate history that I may develop enough to launch a teaser on the site in the coming days. Stay tuned.

Sep 18 2015

WIP Update – 17 Sep 15

I finished up Simona’s Chapter 4 and made some progress on her Chapter 5. Chapter 5 is shaping up to be quite a bit shorter, so another day should be enough to finish it and I don’t think her epilogue lacks that much either. Stay tuned.

Sep 17 2015

WIP Update – 16 Sep 15

I managed to get very near to the end of Simona’s Chapter 4. In the previous version of the story, there was a lot more overlap, with single events being told over and over again through the perspectives of different characters. I’ve significantly scaled that back, but this chapter is one such instance, overlapping with Ionathas’ Chapter 2. Most of it is new content, though, so I don’t feel like I’m just rehashing what I’ve already written. Just two more chapters to go and I’ll be done with Simona. Stay tuned.