Apr 30 2015

WIP Update – 26-28 Apr 15

This update is delayed, but I’d done a little writing on Battle School, PriPro and a Space Arc short over the past few days. Under quota, but it’s at least worth mentioning. The reason these notices have been delayed is because things have been a little hectic of late. Things should settle down in the next couple days. No idea what I’m going to work on in the near future. I know I said I was going to work on TTWC2, but I haven’t managed it yet. I really need to do the work before I’m all but ready to conk out. Believe it or not, it actually takes a bit of focus to write on a novel. Well, we’ll see what comes. Stay tuned.

Apr 26 2015

WIP Update – 25 Apr 15

More Battle School. Yay. Right now I’m still just jotting down dialog for early scenes I have in my head, but perhaps I can really start to think about where I’m wanting to go with the cast and story. I just need to distance myself from other distractions for a bit. I reckon I should start back up on TTWC2 soon. Stay tuned.

Apr 25 2015

WIP Update – 24 Apr 15

I did a little more work on Battle School. I really need to spend some time further developing the cast and storyline. Something to do when I spend a little less of my time goofing off. Stay tuned.

Apr 24 2015

WIP Update – 23 Apr 15

I did a little more writing on Battle School. I really need to put the teaser up. That may happen later today. More to come. Stay tuned.

Apr 23 2015

WIP Update – 22 Apr 15

It’s been a long time since I’ve gotten any writing done, but hopefully I can start moving things forward again. There was a little progress made in the gap since the last update, but it wasn’t significant enough to merit any further note. For some reason I’ve had Battle School on the mind, so I’ve been expanding on the peripheral materials for it and did some writing on it as well. I don’t know if I’ll stick with it or play with another story. Stay tuned.

Apr 11 2015

WIP Update – 10 Apr 15

I’ve been slacking off the past few days before setting out on my grand adventure. (Well, not entirely slacking off. Wednesday I was on the road for six hours for a 15-minute job interview.) While I spent most of my time en route to Japan sleeping, reading or watching movies, I did make some progress on Ophis Python’s Chapter 3 of TTWC2. I just need to add a little more narrative to finish it. I’m having to shed my nocturnal habits while here in Japan, but I should have time in the evenings to get some writing done. Don’t expect daily updates, though. In fact, it may be a good week before I’m online again. I’ll be sure to fill you in next time I have Internet access, though. Stay tuned.

Apr 06 2015

WIP Update – 05 Apr 15

I did some work on a Cross Arc story that hasn’t yet debuted on the site, but I’ll be putting up a teaser for it soon. It’s actually an idea I’ve had for a long time but only recently decided to promote to preproduction. You may already know this, but Japanese school uniforms are based on military uniforms, Prussian Army uniforms for the boys and sailor’s uniforms for the girls. (It gets explicitly mentioned in Kill La Kill, for instance.) Knowing this and looking at how school life in Japan works, I thought about how much a Japanese high school reminded me of a military unit. The school could be a battalion, each grade a company, each class a platoon, each file of desks a squad. I then thought about what might happen if Japan was invaded. While Japan is currently looking to build its military muscle, the Jieitai wouldn’t last too long against, say, a full-scale invasion by the PLA. I considered how desperate Japan was in light of the prospective US invasion during WWII and imagined a last-ditch effort at national defense via universal conscription. It was one thing ’45 when militarism ruled the day, but how would it work now when most of the citizenry is staunchly pacifistic? Fertile ground, my friends. Fertile ground. Now, I could’ve made an alternative history/speculative piece to this effect, but I instead opted to take the concept and translate it to the Cross Arc, where I’m not quite as bogged down by real-world baggage. You’ll certainly see the similarities to the real-world basis for the scenario, but change of setting grants me a little more freedom. Maybe this’ll interest you and maybe it won’t, but I felt like sharing. I may play with this story some more, but I also need to give consideration to TTWC2. Stay tuned.

Apr 06 2015

WIP Update – 04 Apr 15

I did a little writing on TSoM1, finishing up the prologue. I just realized that I haven’t made a single outline for any of the If Arc stories. I should probably work on that and actually give them a little structure. I should probably switch back to TTWC2 after this. Stay tuned.

Apr 04 2015

WIP Update – 03 Apr 15

This is going to sound weird, but I actually did my portion of writing for the day on TCotSL’s sequel, “The Dragon Lady’s Dark Secret”. I happened to have an idea for a scene and decided to go ahead and write it. This may get me started wandering more or perhaps I’ll be able to focus on the task at hand. We’ll see. Stay tuned.

Apr 03 2015

WIP Update – 02 Apr 15

More progress on TCotSL. I’ve actually finished the epilogue, so I have the beginning and the end, but all the middle to sort out. There may be a round or two of rewrites needed before the story is fit for print, though. It’s fun broadening my horizons, but mystery writing really isn’t my forte. Well, nothing to do but keep at it. I’m too invested in the characters to abandon them, so I’ll just have to work harder to come up with the stories to carry them. I’ll probably continue the work for a few days more before switching over to something else. I really need to buckle down of TTWC2, but it’s hard to muster the wherewithal to keep going. Stay tuned.