Oct 31 2014

WIP Update – 28 Oct 14

Yes, I’m aware of the title up there and the date of posting right next to it. I’ve been a little swamped with work the past few days and Tuesday was the last day I got any writing done and I didn’t even make the time to comment about it in a timely fashion. Anyway, I made some more progress on Chapter 22 of Tico4 and probably if I’d kept up my progress, I’d be done with it by now. We’ll see if I can turn things around, but there’s a lot of actual work to be done, so I kinda need to be focusing there (not that I can’t or shouldn’t be directing my free time more toward my vocation). Stay tuned.

Oct 28 2014

WIP Update – 27 Oct 14

A little under quota, but I did write some on Chapters 22 and 25 of Tico4. More to come. Stay tuned.

Oct 27 2014

WIP Update – 26 Oct 14

You wouldn’t think it’d take me this long to start to get my workflow sorted out under my new circumstances, but that does indeed seem to be the case. At any rate, after having a rather spotty week as far as story progress is concerned, I’ve hopefully gotten myself back on track. I have Chapter 21 of Tico4 mostly finished and made some progress on Chapter 22 as well. I have to decide if I want to keep the events of Chapters 21-23 clustered together like they are or break them up. I’ll think about it a bit more before making a decision. We’ll see where that goes. Stay tuned.

Oct 26 2014

WIP Update – 22-24 Oct 14

Although I’m under quota and still behind, I have done a little writing on CeleKing3 and done a little more work sorting out the overall plotline. Don’t quite have the outline entirely sorted out yet, but it’ll get worked out. Been wrapped up with other stuff. Would really like to get back on track progress-wise. Maybe things’ll be coming together soon. We’ll see how things go. Stay tuned.

Oct 20 2014

WIP Update – 18-19 Oct 14

I did a little work on Chapters 5, 6 and 7 of BroPen. Right now I’m mostly just laying down a little dialog so I have something to build on when I go back through to write out the full chapters. I’m trying to decide whether or not I want to stick with BroPen a while longer or switch over to something else. With all the work that’s coming in, I’m having to focus a lot on that, but that isn’t a bad thing. Stay tuned.

Oct 20 2014

The Creation Story According to the Elves, Part 2

A world teeming with life was made between the Two Curtains and the time had come to awaken the common spirits that still slumbered in the Cloud of Souls. There is some dispute regarding the creation of the sapient races of the Planet. Certain scholars believe there was a council of the greater spirits that oversaw their creation and others believe that each race was the product of their particular god or gods. Regardless, there is little disputing the order in which these races were born.

The firstborn of the Firstborn were the Fair Folk. Whether they were a single race from the beginning or always divided among their many sub-races is uncertain. They were to be the representatives of the greater spirits on the Planet, to rule over it in their stead. It was they who channeled the aether into its currents after the fashion of the wind and sea, but they grew proud and spurned their given duty. Led by their king, the Fair Folk retreated beyond the First Curtain to a land of their own creation, but by leaving the protection of the First Curtain, they resided amidst Chaos and so their kind is not trusted by the Elves. It would explain their reputation for caprice. Not all the Fair Folk abandoned the world, though. Some were made to remain, the ones we know as nymphs, elementals and the like.

After the Fair Folk came the Dragons. The Dragons themselves claim descent from the Dragon Mother Tiamat and the Elves follow their account. Tiamat’s first children claimed the greatest share of her power and wisdom. These were the progenitors of the White, Black and Grey Dragons. After them were born the lesser Dragons whose birthright was much more meager in comparison. They were to be ruled by their elder brethren. Although they have the capacity for great wisdom, the Dragons were also prone to greed and violence. Without the Fair Folk to challenge them, they ruled land, sea and sky as peerless terrors.

There are those who consider the subject of the third sapient race to be taboo. Indeed, many would rather pretend they did not exist at all, though their indelible mark on the history of both the Elves and the world at large make this impossible. It has been postulated that one of the greater spirits was an outcast from the rest and turned all his bitterness and spite on Creation and so created the antithesis of life: the Lich, the Lord of Shadow. Dead and yet alive, a swirling of vortex of darkness barely contained by a mortal frame, the Lords of Shadow exist only to upend the natural order. The world’s saving grace is that their power is too great for their physical bodies to sustain and bearing a new generation serves to divide their essence and weaken them. Even so, the Dark Race would prove to be the greatest menace the world would ever know.

The last of the Firstborn are the Elves. The Divine Mother, El-Naia, is said to be the daughter of Sister Moon by some or at very least a companion of hers. She tired of the company of the greater spirits among the stars and descended to the world below. The Fair Folk were too proud, the Dragons too rapacious and the Lord of Shadow an abomination, leaving her with no suitable companions. And so she created her own. She took the light of the sun, moon and stars and combined them with the powers of earth, wind, water and fire to create the vessels for newly awakened common spirits. These were the first Elves. Long-lived but mortal, attuned to the spirits yet attached to the earth, they were to be upholders of balance, to maintain the natural order. For over a thousand years, she raised them, taught them, and when it was time for her to leave, she left a memorial behind. Five seeds took root across the world. These would grow into the great tree palaces of the Elves known as the Five Ancients. El-Naia’s work was finished, but the history of the world was just beginning.

Oct 18 2014

WIP Update – 17 Oct 14

I did some writing on Chapter 3 and 4 of BroPen. I’m a little behind the power curve, but I’ve got a lot of work to get done, so I may fall further behind. So it goes. These dodgily translated medical dialogs with an even dodgier grasp of medical accuracy aren’t going to check themselves. Stay tuned.

Oct 17 2014

WIP Update – 16 Oct 14

I wrote some dialog for Chapter 3 of BroPen. The project I was talking about earlier is still going on strong, but I may have a little more time for writing if I stay on top of things. That is, of course, if I don’t use the time to play Suiko2 instead. ^_^; Stay tuned.

Oct 16 2014

WIP Update – 15 Oct 14

All I did was work on the character glossary for BroPen, but as that’s one of the appendices, I’m going to count it toward quota. I have a huge project that’s come in, so I really don’t have much time for anything else in the near future, but I’m going to try to at least get the minimum quota done. We’ll see how it goes. Stay tuned.

Oct 14 2014

WIP Update – 13 Oct 14

I realized that because I have the chapter structure all laid out for BroPen, it would be appropriate for me to note which chapters I’ve been working on. Most of the work was done on Chapter 1, but I also added a little dialog to Chapter 9. I think I’ll be sticking with this story for a while. Look for more to come. Stay tuned.