Feb 28 2014

WIP Update – 27 Feb 14

I continued writing a bit on Chapter 27 of Tico3 and also did some writing on Chapter 1 of Tico4. Jumping the gun a bit? Perhaps, but I’m eager to dive into something new.

In other news, Kazuya’s supposed to be getting a new tablet soon, so maybe we’ll be getting that anniversary illustration, albeit a month late. Stay tuned.

Feb 27 2014

WIP Update – 26 Feb 14

Well, I’ve pretty well wrapped up Chapter 26 of Tico3 and I’ve made good progress on Chapter 27 as well. I’m getting rather psyched about how close I am to finishing up. It’ll be almost two years since I finished Tico2. A two-year turnaround isn’t too bad, I’d say. More to come, I’m sure. Stay tuned.

Feb 26 2014

WIP Update – 25 Feb 14

Still chugging along with Chapter 26. Did a bit of a detour and jotted down some dialog for a potential short. I don’t plan on developing the latter too much at the moment, but I figured I should go ahead and commit some of it to (virtual) paper. As for the former, the ending sequence is going to be a little tricky to choreograph, but I’ll get it figured out. Stay tuned.

Feb 25 2014

WIP Update – 24 Feb 14

I made some good progress on Chapter 26 of Tico3. At this rate, I should be done with it in the next two or three days. I kinda wish I could just take a couple days off and do nothing but write and push through the rest of the book, but there are things that need to be done. Stay tuned for more.

Feb 24 2014

WIP Update – 23 Feb 14

I’ve pretty well finished Chapter 25 of Tico3, so the buffer is building itself up nicely. I’ll probably continue to work on Tico3 throughout this week (hopefully finishing Chapters 26 and 27 in the process) and then switch back over to TTWC1. It’s certainly nice to be making some headway again. We’ll see where I go from here. Stay tuned.

Feb 22 2014

WIP Update 20-21 Feb 14

I did some scattered work on Chapters 25-27 of Tico3. It’s really starting to hit me just how close we are to the end of the book. I suppose the update schedule plays to my advantage because I’ve got a fair bit of prep work to do to get Tico4 all laid out before it can start going up. Fun, fun, fun. Although it’s at least a year off, I wonder what’ll follow Tico4. Will I stick with the Space Arc and go into the War of the Colonies or will I jump on a different arc? I don’t know, honestly, though I suppose I have quite a bit of time to think about it. Stay tuned.

Feb 19 2014

WIP Update – 18 Feb 14

I’ve pretty well finished Chapter 23 of Tico3 and I’m going to let it sit a day before processing it for the site. I also did some work on Chapter 27. (Yes, I know I have to fill in the blanks of Chapters 25 and 26, but that just happens to be the one that grabbed me.) I seem to be getting back into the groove of things with Tico3, so I’m going to keep pushing and hopefully build up a bit of a buffer for myself. Stay tuned.

Feb 18 2014

WIP Update – 17 Feb 14

I was able to make some decent progress on Chapter 23 of Tico3. At this rate, I think it’ll be ready for the site by Thursday, Friday at the latest. Stay tuned.

Feb 17 2014

WIP Update – 16 Feb 14

I’ve been busy with other stuff lately and haven’t done much writing. I did a little bit of work on Chapter 23 of Tico3, but not nearly enough if I mean to make the deadline for this week’s update. Ironically, I made more progress on the Tellus Arc story The Witch-hunters because I was brainstorming some dialog for a couple scenes and decided to jot it down. Anyway, we’ll see if I can’t pull things together in the next day or two. Stay tuned.

Feb 13 2014

WIP Update – 12 Feb 14

You guys aren’t gonna believe this. I’ve actually started writing on Chapter 23 of Tico3. It’s true! Will I get it done in time for next week’s update? Well, that I can’t promise, but I’ll see what I can do. Stay tuned.