Jan 30 2014

WIP Update – 29 Jan 14

I managed to finish up that short I’ve been working on and made some headway filling out the narrative in Ionathas’ Chapter 2 of TTWC1. I’ll probably finish up the chapter before switching over to restart Tico3. Stay tuned.

Jan 29 2014

WIP Update – 28 Jan 14

I managed to get through the second to last segment of the Space Arc short I’ve been working on. I should have it done in the next day or two and ready for next week’s update. I think I’m coming closer to a solution for Chapter 23 of Tico3, so maybe I can have it ready for the Space Arc update after next. We’ll see how things go. Stay tuned.

Jan 25 2014

WIP Update – 24 Jan 14

Still inching along in that short. Although I’ve been too busy to get all that much writing done lately, this weekend is shaping up to be a little less intensive, so maybe I can get a little more done.

The site’s anniversary is coming up Monday, so I’ve got to get an idea sent off to Kazuya so we’ll have an illustration and I have to think about what I’m going to report as the goals for the new year.

As a side note, four-year-old Lydia called her dad “Poppy”. I just find that incredibly cute. ^_^

Jan 22 2014

WIP Update – 21 Jan 14

A little more progress on that short. Not a lot else going on. As always, other projects are consuming most of my time. I’ll continue to inch along as I can. Stay tuned.

Jan 21 2014

WIP Update – 20 Jan 14

I actually had made some progress on the short I’ve been working on, but I felt it was too insubstantial to warrant a post. Also, to be honest, the string of little stubby posts was getting rather bland and felt like a waste of everyone’s time.

All this being said, I’ve made more significant strides this time around and also did a little dialog for yet another short. I swear, I’m going to have just about every significant episode of every major character’s life chronicled by the time I’m done. ^_^;

Something that I feel like noting is a little timeline shift I had to do last week. The short I’m focusing on deals with Lydia’s parents. (Yes, parents plural. Her late mother features prominently in this one.) Anyway, I was looking at the dates for everything and I realized that I had them meeting a year after Leia was born. Oops. ^_^; Yes, I had to do a little shifting there. At first I considered moving Leia’s birth up a year, but her time at the Academy has to be where it is, so instead I just made Luka and Annabeth (the folks) a year older and had them first meet in 079 instead of 080.

Why do the years Leia was at the Academy need to be fixed, you ask? Well, she was part of the pilot program (pun intended) for using superlights against the Shellies. I mean, yes, they did crossrate a number of aerial pilots for space operations, but members of Leia’s class were among the first to be trained from the ground up specifically for superlights. Fun fact: A classmate in this same program, one Stalinslav Zhukov. Who’s that? You’d know him better as Pride, the leader of the Seven Deadly Sins. Yes, it’s a pretty small world in the Tico series. I’ve got a pretty long list of all the little confluences that occur. It’s pretty interesting, really, to me at least.

Anyway, it’s looking like we’ll have another short tomorrow. Stay tuned.

Jan 17 2014

WIP Update – 16 Jan 14

More progress on that Space Arc short. Not a lot, mind you. Other work is consuming most of my time, but if my calculations hold, I’ll have it ready by the time it’s needed. Stay tuned.

Jan 16 2014

WIP Update – 15 Jan 14

No work on Tico3, but I did continue to work on this one Space Arc short that might show up in a few weeks. Stay tuned.

Jan 15 2014

WIP Update – 14 Jan 14

I was overwhelmed by project deadlines and haven’t got much writing done. I did, however, spend a decent amount of time yesterday writing on some Space Arc shorts. Yes, I know I should be working on the next chapter of Tico3, but while I know what I think is supposed to be there, I can’t really muster much inspiration. I figure another Argyre chapter is necessary for balance, but there’s nothing that stands out particularly about the event in question. I’ll mull on it a little longer, but I may just scrap it and move on. We’ll see.

Jan 11 2014

WIP Update – 10 Jan 14

I wrote some dialog for Corona’s Chapter 3 and plan on shifting gears from TTWC1 to Tico3. I can’t make any guarantees as to how much progress I’ll make, but we’ll see. Stay tuned.

Jan 09 2014

WIP Update – 08 Jan 14

All I got done was a little dialog for Ionathas’ Chapter 3. I’ve got something fairly big on my plate at the moments, so I may not be doing much writing over the next couple days. We’ll see.