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15 Feb 18

Someone's watching you. In a happy bit of news, it looks like I've got everything together to transfer the mascot back to the East Asia Division of Palidor Media, so that's something to look forward to. (She probably won't be too thrilled about transit, but she'll manage.) Of more current interest, I have Chapter 5 of CeleKing2 ready for you. We've still got reviews coming up this weekend. Stay tuned.

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14 Feb 18

Well, it's Valentine's Day and because I've got a bent sense of humor, I thought I'd go ahead and post the teaser for the Else Arc story Mr. StarBrite. I'd been talking about it quite a bit a few months back, but I never got around to putting the teaser up, so here it is. It's a love story, you see. Thematically appropriate. Speaking of love stories, the next chapter of CeleKing2 will be up tomorrow. Stay tuned.

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13 Feb 18

We're almost at the end. I won't say all the loose ends get tied up nice and neat, but we will take a look at one in particular before the end. One of the bad actors was removed from the stage rather abruptly. Let's check in and see what's happened to him in Chapter 39 of TBP. Next week we bring things to close. Before that, though, we've got more CeleKing2 and reviews on the way. Stay tuned.

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11 Feb 18

We continue our Black History Month film reviews first with a couple more Sidney Poitier features: 1967's Guess Who's Coming to Dinner and 1988's Little Nikita. Next we have Louis Gossett Jr. teamed up with Chuck Norris in Firewalker and then he plays second fiddle to Bill Paxton in Monolith (which, contrary to the title, has nothing to do with monoliths). Last but not least, we have Woody Strode in a supporting role in The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance. Next week we'll feature some blaxploitation, both classic and nouveau. Look for the penultimate chapter of TBP and more CeleKing2 as well. Stay tuned.

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06 Feb 18

Well, the dust has settled and what are we left with? Find out in Chapter 38 of TBP. We're winding things down at this point. Barring any further unforeseen delays, the epilogue will drop in two week's and that'll be that. I should probably have the epilogue written before then. ^_^; We've got reviews coming up this weekend. Stay tuned.

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04 Feb 18

Well, the reviews I had planned for last week are going to be put on hold for the moment because it's February and you know what that means. It's Black History Month once again, and we're going to kick things off with some black Westerns. Well, your definition of "black Western" may vary. At very least, these film prominently feature black characters, so that counts for something, right? As per my custom, I like to class up this monthly feature with Sidney Poitier, so we start with Buck and the Preacher, which is something of a pseudo- or proto-blaxploitation film, contrasted with the full-fledged blaxploitation Western Take a Hard Ride, which reunites the Three the Hard Way trio of Jim Brown, Fred Williamson and Jim Kelly. We take turn for the comedic with Blazing Saddles and El Diablo and the dramatic with Sergeant Rutledge. Three of the actors featured this week (Sidney Poitier, Louis Gossett Jr. and Woody Strode) will factor into next week's selection, then we'll do some straight-up blaxploitation and close on a sampling of the works of Will Smith and Samuel L Jackson (which will dovetail into those postponed reviews come the first week of March). On the story front, we'll be continuing with TBP. Stay tuned.

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01 Feb 18

While the mascot and I have an excellent father-daughter relationship, not everyone has such a plum arrangement. As you might imagine, ten years' estrangement hasn't done a lot of favors for the bond between Yasuko and Batista. See it play out for yourself in Chapter 4 of CeleKing2. Now that we're back up and going, we'll have reviews this weekend. I guess it's February, so Black History Month and all that. Black Westerns. That's the theme. (We'll see if I have enough films to fill out the month. If not, I'll have to go hunting.) Stay tuned.

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For those of you who aren't following me on Gab, you may be wondering what's been going on the past week. Well, the primary domain expired and due to an artifact of the migration from Network Solutions years ago, it was held in a different location from everything else associated with my web hosting package. I wasn't aware that it was set to expire and there was some confusion that further delayed a remedy. The problem's been fixed and we shouldn't see it repeat in the future. For a moment I thought I could outsmart the issue and access the site's function via one of the alt domains, but it doesn't work as simply as that. For posterity's sake, here's what I was going to post for the site's anniversary last Saturday.

Today marks the eleventh anniversary of Palidor Media, and we celebrate with an examination of consequences for procrastination. You see, when I first created the site, I decided that if I didn't meet a certain level of success within ten years, I'd shut it down. Well, I can't really say I've got the sort of readership I've been looking for (not that I've spent the requisite time, money and effort to court said readership), but the site's become such a significant part of my life that I want to keep it going as long as I'm able. The one fly in the ointment is that my primary domain is managed separately from my hosting service and I wasn't able to access the account after I migrated from Network Solutions but decided it wasn't an issue, figuring the domain registration would be kept updated with my hosting package. I was wrong and after some runaround between the domain's two daddies, things should get worked out in the next few days. Maybe I should've worked a little harder to get things squared away before it became a problem. So it goes.

Let's look out on the plans for the year. TBP should be wrapping within the next three weeks and hopefully I'll be far enough in Tellus for it to be ready for primetime. I may have to put it on a biweekly schedule until I build up enough lead time (to say nothing of preparing what comes next). I'd like to go back to the Gladius Cycle once it wraps and I've got an eye on both The Knight's Twilight and Children of Darkness. CeleKing2 will continue until December, when it'll be followed by CeleKing3. I may start adding Tzipi's Garden to the roster to make up for the slower output on the Tellus side and looking ahead, when I finish writing CeleKing3, I'd like to start up Junker Jorg 2 and Everyday Magic 2. (In fact, some ideas have been burning a hole in my head, so I might be jotting down that material sooner rather than later.) And of course I'll keep the reviews coming. I have a massive backlog of unpublished reviews, so I'll never be left wanting for content there.

All told, we've got a decent year ahead for the site. Once the domain issue gets resolved, it'll be like nothing happened. Here's to hoping the good folks at HostGator are able to gets things settled expeditiously. Stay tuned.

And there you have it. I'll be getting us back on schedule with the latest chapter of CeleKing2, which I'll post as soon as I finish the HTML conversion. Stay tuned.

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23 Jan 18

After much delay and anticipation, we finally bring you the final confrontation with the Spider Lich in Chapter 37 of TBP. It's all been leading up to this. Can our heroes triumph against the odds. Find out. However it goes, we've got three more weeks to wind things down before going on to the next story. I hadn't mentioned it last time, but we've got the anniversary coming up Saturday. No big plans, but I will make a post commenting on the general direction of the site over the course of the year. Look for reviews after that. Stay tuned.

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21 Jan 18

One of the joys of kids is kids' movies. I should probably put "joy" in airquotes. Actually, children's entertainment runs the gamut and I guess I should count myself lucky my nieces don't have worse taste than they do. At least when it comes to features, Disney tends to maintain a fairly high bar, from contemporary films like Moana to their timeless classics like Bambi. Then there's their main rival Dreamworks, whose output I don't tend to like very much, so guess what I think of Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie? And then there's rising star Illumination, which tends to be a whole 'nother bag, as with the recent Sing. Lastly, to mix it up, I've got something that I most certainly didn't watch with the kids: Season 7 of Game of Thrones. I know I'm late to the party, but, hey, HBO Go is region-locked, so pfft. Next week, we'll be covering the viewing on my return trip. Expect a decidedly DC slant. In other news, TBP is back on track, so look for the climactic clash between good and evil (catch the reference) on Tuesday. Stay tuned.

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18 Jan 18

The mascot considers herself to be a lady of refined manners, but the mavens in this chapter may beg to differ. Yasuko gets the My Fair Lady from Hell treatment in Chapter 3 of CeleKing2. I really should be able to get back on track with TBP next week, but in the meantime, look for a selection of kids' films I saw recently... you know, because of kids. Stay tuned.

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14 Jan 18

A transpacific voyage can mean different things to different people, but for me it's a chance to watch a bunch of movies. What did I see on my trip home for Christmas? Well, let's see... In the order I saw them, we've got War for the Planet of the Apes, Logan Lucky, Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets and Dunkirk. Also, not related to the trip but acquired the week before is Volume 24 of Attack on Titan. We'll follow this next week with some movies I saw while I was back because I was hanging around my nieces (plus something I definitely wouldn't watch with said nieces). We'll also have more TBP (hopefully) and CeleKing2. Stay tuned.

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09 Jan 18

We'll just say it took our gang that much longer to get to the Necropolis to explain the schedule slippage, but anyway, here's Chapter 36 of TBP. The final confrontation is coming up next week, so buckle up. In the meantime, look forward to my first batch of reviews for my airplane viewing. Stay tuned.

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07 Jan 18

We conclude our coverage of Red vs. Blue (as it stands) with Season 14 and Season 15 and the mini-series "MIA" and "Where There's a Will, There's a Wall". And for the One Punch Man manga, we have Volume 11 and Volume 12. Next week we'll start with some of my recent viewings (airplane movies mostly) and hopefully I'll have the next chapter of TBP ready. Stay tuned.

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