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25 Oct 16

What was Old Scipio up to during the capture of Castle Notos? Well, find out in Scipio's Chapter 2 of TTWC3. The end of JJ is next, followed by the dead walking the earth. Stay tuned.

Posted by: James
UTC 17:49:54

23 Oct 16

We take a trip to the backwoods this week in an exploration of hillbilly horror. We've got the original The Texas Chain Saw Massacre and The Hills Have Eyes, the sequel of the remake The Hills Have Eyes II, Pumpkinhead, Pumpkinhead II: Blood Wings, and though it's more of a drama than horror, it's sure to have given a few people nightmares: Deliverance. And to invert things a bit, we've also got Tucker and Dale vs. Evil. Coming up, look for more TTWC3, the finale of JJ and the original trilogy from the King of Zombies (plus their remakes). Stay tuned.

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UTC 22:45:17

20 Oct 16

The mascot can't believe it's over already, but we've got the epilogue of EM today. There's also a character glossary and a map of Altamira. You can debate whether or not my hastily drawn map intended for internal use only is better or worse than the MS Paint maps I have for the Tellus Arc stories. One day I may commission an artist to do proper, professional looking maps for my stories, but that's a task for another day. And in case you're already starting to feel lonely for Giger and the gang, I've got news for you. The adventure isn't over yet. Check out the teasers for Everyday Magic 2: The Sleepers Awake and Everday Magic 3: Hell from the Heavens. Production probably won't start until after I'm done with the CeleKing series, but if inspiration happens to strike, you know how that goes. We've still got some hillbilly horror to come. Stay tuned.

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UTC 16:50:07

18 Oct 16

Do you by any chance recall King Solon's decree that anyone possessing magical ability, whether a native of Zephyr or Notos, was to be conscripted into the invasion force? Well, guess what that means for our resident archmage in Scipio's Chapter 1 of TTWC3. Next up is the finale of EM and later on, I hear the ominous sound of banjos strumming. Stay tuned.

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UTC 16:37:42

16 Oct 16

It's spooky time with the Poltergeist series. We've got the original Poltergeist, Poltergeist II: The Other Side, Poltergeist III, and the 2015 remake. And to round out our selection, I've also got the Japanese horror anthology Kwaidan. Coming up in the week, we have more TTWC3, we finish EM, and we got to the backwoods for some hillbilly horror. Stay tuned.

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UTC 21:58:59

13 Oct 16

Our adventure comes to a close at last with Chapter 26 of JJ. We've still got the epilogue, of course, but this is it for Root and company for now. It's been quite a ride, hasn't it? Reviews coming up in a couple days. Stay tuned.

Posted by: James
UTC 17:38:57

12 Oct 16

So here I am, doing my evening biking and thinking to myself, "Am I forgetting something?" How about updating the bloody site? Oh, yes, that. It seems appropriate that I'd have a senior moment leading into the debut of our latest lead. Here's Scipio's prologue of TTWC3. The Promethean Alliance is painted in shades of moral grey, but Old Scipio is the lightest grey of the bunch, to the point I'm almost tempted to call him the token good teammate as I would for Orguz in TTWC2. Hopefully you'll enjoy his efforts to keep the revolution civilized. Look for more JJ and some spooky reviews coming up. Stay tuned.

Posted by: James
UTC 05:31:32

09 Oct 16

IT'S ALIVE! IT'S ALIIIIIVE! Yes, we give Dracula some company with 1931's Frankenstein and follow it with it's sequel The Bride of Frankenstein. Then we have a selection of Hammer films: The Curse of Frankenstein, Frankenstein Created Woman and Frankenstein Must Be Destroyed. And if all that is too scary for you, we've got Young Frankenstein. Look for the start of Scipio's section of TTWC3, the penultimate chapter of JJ and some reviews that'll make you say "They're heeere." Stay tuned.

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UTC 22:53:06

07 Oct 16

Well, we've beaten the big bad, thrown off the more or less well-intentioned extremists, and saved all our friends, so I guess we can all go home and enjoy a nice barbecue. Hm? What's that? We're forgetting Giger's primary character motivation, the very reason the plot got kicked off in the first place? Oh, dear. That won't do at all. Good thing the story's not over yet, right? As you can see, the mascot is doing her bit to form half the magic circle for the big event in Chapter 26 of EM. (Just don't tell her that's not how magic circles work in the story.) And now we just have the epilogue to go and we'll be done. Look for that in two weeks. In the meantime, look for a bucketful of reviews involving a certain green-skinned, bolt-headed, lumbering lummox. Stay tuned.

Posted by: James
UTC 05:56:50

04 Oct 16

It's here, the day the Dwarves have been waiting for is here at long last. Will their hopes be cruelly betrayed at the last minute? Find out in Garm's epilogue of TTWC3. And with that we bid Garm farewell and look forward to the adventures of the archmage Scipio next week. In the meantime, we've got more EM and reviews of some films about a certain German baron and his creation. Stay tuned.

Posted by: James
UTC 17:27:56

02 Oct 16

Ancient Egypt takes revenge on the interlopers from the modern age in Universal's 1932 The Mummy and the 1959 Hammer remake. Now, you think I'd continue with the Brendan Fraser films, but I haven't rewatched those recently. Instead I give you the (very) tangentially related Ghosts of Mars, which put a fine dent in John Carpenter's career. And because we're a little short on movies, we have reviews of Volume 19 and Volume 20 of the Ranma 1/2 manga. The manga reviews will be put on hiatus for the next few weeks due to the larger volume of movie reviews for the Halloween special. Look for the end of Garm's section of TTWC3, more EM and reviews of another famous shambling corpse. Stay tuned.

Posted by: James
UTC 22:58:07

29 Sep 16

「この紋所が目に入らぬか!?」The mascot is stunned and amazed at the big turn of events in Chapter 25 of JJ. We're almost done. Seems like just yesterday we met Root on that outcropping watching that jeep section pop Abominations in Old Berenice. Well, no time to get all mushy about it. We've got terrors from the Nile coming up. Stay tuned.

Posted by: James
UTC 17:27:41

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