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29 Aug 16

We kick things off with recent release Kubo and the Two Strings, which isn't getting half the love it deserves at the box office. I didn't know what other movies to post, but because I happened to notice it playing on TV, I'll go ahead and post my reviews of RED and RED 2. And because I recently finished a new playthrough of the game, I've got Metroid Fusion, which is currently the chronological end of the series. We also continue to go forward with the Ranma 1/2 manga with Volume 9 and Volume 10. We've got more TTWC3 and JJ on the horizon and reviews that have yet to determined. Stay tuned.

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26 Aug 16

I'd considered saving this little nightmare image for Halloween, but given the subject matter of this week's chapter, I figured now was appropriate. Now, you may have been thinking that Margot and the girls haven't contributed that much to the overall stories. You might call them extraneous characters and the chapters focusing on them to be padding. Well, if that's the case (and even if it's not), the payoff is right here in Chapter 23 of EM. Will this satisfy all skeptics? Probably not, but I'm pretty pleased with it. In two weeks, we'll be meeting the mastermind behind it all, so look forward to that. We've still got reviews coming up too. Stay tuned.

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23 Aug 16

If you asked me, I'd definitely say I prefer Elves to Dwarves, but I try to give the mountain folk their due in my stories. The Dwarves (or Nanoi in the parlance of the region) have mostly been on the periphery so far, but now you can see things from their perspective starting with Garm's prologue of TTWC3. We've got more EM and a review medley coming up. Stay tuned.

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UTC 21:24:44

20 Aug 16

A while back I subjected myself to the cinematic horror that is Batman & Robin. Well, if I'd waited, I could've seen it with the other three movies of the first film series. Not that I think I could've survived two Schumacher Bat-films in close succession... Anyway, we start out with 1989's excellent Batman, followed by the more mixed bag Batman Returns, and the start of darkness, Batman Forever. Ugh... The latter was painful. Not as painful as Batman & Robin, but the pain from that has mostly dulled by now. Anyway, speaking of pain, we've got the debut of frickin' Happousai in Volume 7 and Volume 8 of the Ranma 1/2 manga. Look for us to start Garm's section of TTWC3 next week and for the sierra to really hit the fan in EM. Stay tuned.

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19 Aug 16

It's a bit late, but here's Chapter 22 of JJ. I've had a busy day, to say the least. Well, we've got a big showdown in two weeks, so be looking for that. And coming in the next couple days, those Bat-reviews I've been promising. Stay tuned.

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UTC 04:45:09

16 Aug 16

The Traitor Prince has had quite a run, but today we bid him a fond farewell (fond in that we're happy to see him go) in Carpos' epilogue of TTWC3. His Character Spotlight post on the blog will be following shortly. Look for more JJ and Bat-reviews coming up. Stay tuned.

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UTC 18:16:37

15 Aug 16

It's time for more monkey madness starting with Tim Burton's remake of Planet of the Apes, and because that didn't stick, the franchise got rebooted again with Rise of the Planet of the Apes and its sequel, Dawn of the Planet of the Apes. We also have Volume 5 and Volume 6 of the Ranma 1/2 manga. From here, we'll be wrapping up Carpos' section of TTWC3 and follow it with more JJ and some Bat-reviews. Stay tuned.

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UTC 02:43:18

11 Aug 16

A lot of people are going to be enjoying the view behind bars if Inspector Andress gets his way. Good thing there's nothing like a coven of amateur witches about to demonstrate their fledgling powers in a very public venue, right? See what the plan is in Chapter 22 of EM. Things are about to get dire. Look for monkey madness reviews coming up. Stay tuned.

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UTC 18:55:54

09 Aug 16

Because Carpos is such a swell guy, good things are bound to be coming his way, right? The critical reader might reply, "Given what a malevolent god you are over the worlds you create, I wouldn't put it past you to give a scumbag like Carpos his every heart's desire." I am a rather cruel deity, aren't I? Well, you'll have to see for yourself in Carpos' Chapter 5 of TTWC3. Look for more EM plus Marky Mark and the Monkey Bunch. Stay tuned.

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UTC 19:20:07

08 Aug 16

I've decided to make up for lost time a bit by giving you a double dose for the debut of my reviews of the Ranma 1/2 manga with Volume 1, Volume 2, Volume 3, and Volume 4. And as a bit of a change of pace, I have a review of the autobiography of WWII veteran and Silver Star recipient Birney T Havey, Never Left the Battlefield. We've got more TTWC3 and EM coming up plus reviews of the first three entries in the new Planet of the Apes series. Stay tuned.

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UTC 02:46:34

05 Aug 16

These eyes have seen things... You'll find and even more world-weary soul in Chapter 21 of JJ. Some form of reviews are in the offing as well. Stay tuned.

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UTC 04:53:26

04 Aug 16

I've made it back from my business trip and after some recovery time, I can now bring you Carpos' Chapter 4 of TTWC3. In a few hours, I'll follow this with the latest chapter of JJ. Still not decided on what I'm going to do for reviews. Stay tuned.

Posted by: James
UTC 22:47:32

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